With A Catchy Hook And Strong Lyrical Wordplay, Lou Raw Will Have You “Come Again” With His Music!

Lou Raw is an intricate lyricist from the streets of Southern-California whose showing us that the West Coast undeniably breeds some of the hardest rappers! With a versatile catalog of new age hip hop and sophisticated trap music, Lou Raw takes his listener on a journey with his latest release “Come Again” and I couldn’t take my eyes away from the song. Everything about this record was on point. Starting with the unforgettable and textual rap voice Lou Raw has, you can’t help but remember who he is. His unique style is completely incomparable to any other rapper I’ve heard and this is what made us so fascinated with him!

The hook in “Come Again” was so catchy I found myself repeating it over and over. Not only that, it had this glue-like infectious element to it that’s making it hard for me to forget it. I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard a song that became stuck in our heads and just replays over and over in our head. Lou Raw is a talented and promising rapper who seems to know his style and brand and has the appeal to become a groundbreaking success. “Come Again” was a nicely done song and we’re looking forward to more from this next hip-hop sensation!

Listen to "Come Again" here and get to know more about Lou Raw below!

Thank you for sharing your music with us Lou Raw! How has it been for you growing up in Southern California? In what ways has your upbringing impacted your music?

My music is based on my experiences both past and present. Its therapeutic to make a good song about a negative experience and have people relate to it. Growing up in Cali was cool until my mom and step dad split up and we lost the house and I sought a means of fast money that led me down a road of crime and many hard lessons. I now share the information that I gained on the way to enlightenment. 

Who are some of your influences? Why do they inspire you?

I'm influenced and inspired by all forms of good music and art so it would not be fair to name just a few. 

“Come Again” was a dope song! We loved every bit of it. How would you describe the theme of this track?

Come again is actually inspired by Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow." It's meant to be a fun song despite the harsh demanding undertone. I used a catchy beat to display my attitude toward those who owe me money.

What was one of the most challenging aspects of creating “Come Again”?

One of the most challenging aspects of creating "Come Again" was the simplicity of it. It's natural for me to create more conscious concepts that have a deep underlying purpose like many of the other songs on my latest project Reflections-of-my-paradox. 

Any exciting summer plans for you Lou Raw?

My summer plans consist finishing up another project Reflections-of-my-Paradox

Vol. 2 and releasing the first single. Then I can network through performances and celebrate the release of two projects within the year. 


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