With Her Euphoric Single, Lanita Smith Reminds Us to Keep “Holdin’ On”

Working back and forth between Memphis and Los Angeles, Lanita Smith is on a grind to become the best musician she can be.

The blossoming Singer, Songwriter, and musician has had extensive experience in her field having worked with award-winning artists and producers including Kanye West, Chance The Rapper, and Jessica Sanchez. Her lifelong adoration for music and her resume of experience is evident with her brand new song “Holdin’ On.”

Lanita Smith introduces her recently released single “Holdin’ On” with a soundscape that creates alluring anticipation. Each heavy fingered chord on the piano is followed by a mesmerizing electronic synth layered over top.

For a few bars, all the percussion that is heard is a subtle and steady pulse, like the heartbeat of the song. Lanita Smith only accentuates the steady tone of “Holdin’ On” when begins to vocalize with a sophisticated cadence. Soon after she snatches your heart with her steady vocals, the bass drum kicks in and cranks the energy level up a notch.

With the spirit of the musical production beginning to lift, Lanita Smith showcases her truly organic vocal talent. With every trill and roll of her voice, she wins over her listeners with her contagious personality. The passion behind each lyric adds up into a swell of emotion with every high note she belts.

If you weren’t feeling chills shoot up and down your spine yet, Lanita Smith is sure to win you over with her songwriting. She describes each struggle in her life as a mountain that she has climbed and conquered. Refusing to let anything hold her back, Lanita Smith’s determination and resilience genuinely inspires her audience.

Can you describe to your fans the message behind your lyrics for “Holdin’ On?”

The message behind "Holdin’ On" is about embracing the challenges of yesterday that continue to make us resiliently great, because we choose to see the goodness in pain. This record feeds into the narrative of displaying a character choosing life and hope.

What was your inspiration during your creative process for “Holdin’ On?” Were there specific genres of music styles that inspired you?

The inspiration behind the record came from listening to many other songs about the current climate of the world. All of the songs speak the truth about how we are treated, hurt, and torn down, but I wanted to create a body of work that builds us up by inspiring and empowering people of color. The reality of the world has tried to tear us down. My hopes are that we are inspired to continue writing stories together.

Through the many ups and downs of a career as a musician, what is one thing that you have learned that you would like to share with your fans?

Stay true to your journey. Life is all about high and lows. Every brick counts in building your house. Consistency is key, but you also have to want it just as much as you’re working for it. No one will ever truly understand your vision or dreams but that’s what makes it yours and it’s your responsibility to see it through!

You have worked alongside a number of successful artists and producers including Aaron Neville, Ty Dolla $ign, Kanye West, Jessica Sanchez, Chance The Rapper, and Teddy Riley. What have you learned from these artists, and how have these experiences shaped you to become the artist you are today?

I’ve worked with a lot of artists over the years. Being able to work in the field of music is definitely humbling. Each experience helped mold me into being better whether it was a musician, writer, producer, or just a background vocalist. I’ve never taken any of it for granted and allow it to always propel me into the next season of my life. At the end of the day, I’m just grateful that a little country girl did what she said she would at age 4, and I’m not done yet!

What can listeners anticipate next from you?

More music. More stories. More of Lanita being her true authentic self through my artistry. I rather am known for the experience and how I made people feel rather than the moment. I just want to be timeless and the artist that makes fans feel like I can always set any the right mood.


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