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With His New Single "Y.N.R.S," Darrin Jones Raises the Bar

Originally from Minneapolis, MN, Darrin Jones is an independent artist from Columbus, Georgia, with a bold flow that entices audiences with his smooth, vibrant lyricism. Darrin Jones' popularity promises to continue its ascension with a clear and raw talent for reaching out to listeners of any musical affiliation, evident in his 100,000+ following across several social media platforms.

In his newly released song titled "Y.N.R.S," the fiery ambiance and alluring vocals highlight his ability to draw listeners in with an ebullient and well-timed chorus that is sure to have your head bobbing at the drop of the very first line.

With an organic rhythm and deep bassline, this song emanates confidence and concise ideas that instantly resonate, striking a sense of positivity and well-being. The modern rap/hip-hop vibration that glistens as the song continues immerses the audience in an up-tempo, creative, and nonpareil experience that illuminates inspiration.

With his enriching flow and abundant dexterity throughout, this track will undeniably continue to turn heads and provide listeners with a gleaming idea of the excellence to expect moving forward from Darrin Jones'. A true testament to new wave sound is on full display which ignites assurance that, as his lyrics exemplify brilliantly, every day truly is another flick.

Congratulations on your recent release of "Y.N.R.S." Can you walk us through the creative processes that brought you to produce this song?

The beat was one sent to me in a pack by G-Town and when I heard it I knew it was one.

What inspired you to create "Y.N.R.S.?"

It came to me at a time when I wanted to make a song expressing the joy and moments of my youth.

What message do you hope for people to take away from this song?

I hope it inspires and brings out the rockstar bravado within people, respectfully.

Can fans expect a similar sound from you moving forward, or do you plan to continue broadening your horizons by further diversifying your music?

Of course, more sounds like this and other vibes and rings like I usually bring, no two sound the same.

What's next for you?

Right now I’m just dropping more singles, maybe a few visuals for some this year.



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