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World Alternative Music Highlights 11 Canadian Artists In A New Compilation Album

We love a good compilation album - especially one featuring the broadest array of artists you could ever imagine. This time, World Alternative Music is bringing us a slew of Canadian acts to topple your speakers, and with 11 bands/artists ready to make a name for themselves (if they haven't already), this new compilation project oozes with insatiable talent and energy.

The record kicks off with Deadlite, a killer band formed in the GTA in Ontario, Canada, comprised of Allen Rimpola, Andrei Magarro, Tim Adrian, Nyl Del Rosario, and Nicola Sudano. Their track "Arms Of Failure" explodes through the speakers with angst and might, perfectly blending a hardcore metal sound with a dynamic punk undertone that guides the song with emotion.

Deadlite continues making their mark with track number two, "Selina." While the band shifts into more of an emotional, punky shoegaze atmosphere with drowned-out guitars and emotional vocals, they perfectly paint such relatable themes with passionate, somber lyrics of parting ways with someone special. The strong outro closes the song on a powerful, mighty note with Deadlite's wicked instrumentals that leave our speakers smoking.

Turning up the heat is track number three, "Crown Piracy," by Toronto rock band Zircon Tribe. The Filipino Canadian act features Mario Cabral, Jose Del Rosario, Renz DeOcampo, and Elly Morcillos, smashing our speakers with a hard rock anthem almost reminiscent of the classic rock era. The lead vocalist has our ears locked into his wicked performance, and Zircon Tribe does a killer job backing him up with heated instrumentals that keep our toes tapping and heads nodding.

They continue sparking a fire with the album's fourth track, "Parabellum," breaking open with vibrant and crunchy rhythm guitars while the drums pound their way to our hearts. This epic tune packs all the energy we could ask for, and Zircon Tribe puts on one hell of a listening experience. The anthemic, catchy nature of this song and Zircon Tribe's epic performance makes it unlike anything you've heard before.

Onto the album's fifth track with "Lost In You," Montreal-based 6-piece Bukkake Ambush was just formed last year, but their music sounds far more developed. The Filipino band comprises Kirk Cutaran, Joseph Tremoca, Danver Pagkaliwangan, Earvin Corpuz, Ron Nieves, and Peter Lipura. This dynamic piece brings us deep into the heart of punk, metal, and shoegaze all in one, pouncing through the speakers with fiery instrumentals and personal lyrics that make the listener think twice.

Serving up something hot and fresh is the Filipino Rap-Metal band from Montreal, Bubblegam, with their powerhouse tune, "Himpapaweed." The band features RJ, BRYAN, PEDZ, CHOI, MARK, and GAM, all here to deliver an epic listening experience with their powerful and angsty hit. It's quite impressive that with only 3 years under their belt, Bubblegam is pumping out such cohesive and killer metal songs like "Himpapaweed."

And the same goes for track number seven, "Taga Saan Ka?" Opening with a scorching hot rhythm guitar that leads into a face-melting hardcore breakdown, Bubblegam perfectly blends the melodic nature of rock with powerful hip-hop flow and the punchy, stinging sensations of metal to create an anthem for the times. They keep our attention locked from top to bottom, and we're certain this isn't the last we'll hear of Bubblegam.

Shifting gears to track number eight, "Lason," we're met with the emotionally charged, powerful alternative rock band FrozenFlame. The Filipino-Canadian, Montreal-based 4-piece features Jimi Pill, John Joseph, Dennis Santos, and Dolans. This song refreshes the album with a softer tone that still packs a punk-rock punch but with emotional lyrics, powerful guitar riffs, and dreamy melodies. It's the perfect mid-way pick-me-up.

In the album's ninth track, "Pansamantagal," FrozenFlame throws us back a few decades into the anthemic, feel-good vibes of 2000s alternative rock with uplifting melodies, catchy lyrics, and the brightest instrumentals that keep a smile on our faces. It's quite a beautiful song, one that perfectly demonstrates FrozenFlame's sonic versatility and ability to create songs that dance the lines between various genres. It's a solid addition to the album and your alternative rock playlist.

Infusing some classic punk rock into the album is the Whistler and Squamish-based punk trio Last Reminisced Heroes featuring Andrew Alido, Jonathan, and Allan Alido. The Filipino-Canadian band's hit "Right Or Wrong" perfectly encapsulates the band's dual identity while showcasing raw, punk intensity with catchy, melodic hooks. It's a feel-good, uplifting track that keeps our heads bopping from top to bottom.

The same goes for the album's eleventh track, "Unsung Hero," kicking off with Last Reminisced Heroes' staple melodic punk guitars that start the song with energy. While the descriptive and relatable lyrics pump through the speakers, the band quickly transitions to the spirited hook while showcasing their broad dynamic range, starting a sonic fire with a wicked bassline, tight drums, and rich guitars - ending the song with a bang.

Leading into the album's twelfth song, "Babalik," we're met with the established sounds of Ang Bandang UPPERCASE, a Filipino Canadian band formed in 2009 with Mark de Leon, Allan Lagat, Joey Giagonia, and Kyle Saliva. The alternative pop-rock band opens this single on a lush, beautiful note with soothing vocals and acoustic guitar. As it grows into a larger, more captivating experience, Ang Bandang UPPERCASE shows what their made of by serenading us with stunning vocals and instrumetnals.

Ang Bandang UPPERCASE continues the emotional theme with track number thirteen, "Ligaw Na Tadhana," opening with soft pads and dreamy vocals that later expand into a breathtaking, cinematic alternative-pop atmosphere. It's a refreshing song that perfectly showcases Ang Bandang UPPERCASE's artistic range and passion for melodic, relatable songs that strike the listener with good vibes from every angle.

Onto the album's fourteenth track, "Own Ground," we're met with the Toronto-based band Fallover, composed of Chad Sabado, Kristan Paual, Den Kevin Paual, John France, Ryan Gonzales, and Kebyo Feliciano. This mellow, gentle song opens like a breath of fresh air, leading us to the lush, sparkling hook. It's a deeply emotional, thought-provoking song that reminds us to stand our ground, keep fighting, and look for a brighter day. This impactful song beautifully highlights the essence of the human experience.

And that leads us to track number fifteen, "Kuusou Bakuzen" from Trigger X, a Filipino/Japanese band from Toronto featuring Andy Gutierrez, Kouga Kawamura, Edwin Rama, and Kitosch Manuel. They waste no time jumping into action with this track, kicking off with a wicked hard rock instrumental and raspy vocals that demand our undivided attention. Blending the raw intensity of metal with the melodic, high-energy nature of rock, Trigger X offers a seriously engaging listening experience.


Our attention stays locked on the band in track number sixteen, "Ghost In You," showcasing Trigger X's musical versatility by blending in elements of alternative and emotional punk. This rhythmic song feeds the soul with a thumping bassline, catchy melodies, stunning vocals, and rich guitars that ooze with energy. This song is equally emotional and uplifting, making for a dynamic experience that adds something new and fresh to the album.

Now introducing the Regina-based band Overdrive, their single and track number seventeen, "Hawi," is a treat for the ears, especially for fans of alternative and punk rock. Featuring George, Mark, Ian, Khimo, and Kris, the 5-piece unleashes a dynamic tune that sinks into the emotional depths of alternative while striking the speakers with an angsty, sharp punk element for added passion. It's a captivating piece that perfectly highlights Overdrive's unique sound.

While Overdrive's track "Palipad Hangin" kicks off with an electronic hip-hop beat for an authentic flair, they quickly blast into the powerful sound of alternative rock paired with the profound emotion of punk music. With minor key melodies that tug on the heartstrings, alongside beautiful vocals and captivating guitars, Overdrive brings us deep into their authentic sound while sending listeners into a sonic daydream until the very last beat.

Here's a band that'll close the album on a powerful note. From Montreal, the 4-piece Death/Thrash Metal band Threefold Ruin ignites flames with their track, "Iskalawag," kicking off with sirens, pounding drums, and an epic introduction like nothing else on the album. This song packs enough heat to warm your home throughout the cold Canadian winter. Seriously, it's an absolute head-banger packed with raw metal growls and filthy instrumentals that leave us with stank face.

It's no wonder Threefold Ruin was the last band on the album. They know exactly how to command the listener's attention with thrilling death metal instrumentals to sink your teeth into, as heard in "Guerilla." It's chaos, but in the best way possible, making you want to elbow everything in your way and unleash your inner rage. Threefold Ruin packs tons of energy and power into a song that's just over two minutes long, closing the album on a truly memorable, empowering note.

When it comes to dynamic projects, World Alternative Music takes the cake. All 11 artists/bands featured in this Canadian compilation album left their mark on us, and we're certain they'll do the same for you. Hear it yourself and find the new album on all digital streaming platforms.

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