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World Traveler LUJAIN is Blending Genres

Originating from Kuwait, LUJAIN grew up with a lifestyle that resembled that of a nomad. Traveling from place to place, she gained a diverse plethora of experience with various cultures.

Now calling Los Angeles her home, LUJAIN uses her unique upbringing as inspiration for her music; her songs are a ‘blend of all of the places she has lived in.’ After living in LA, she has learned that embracing her uniqueness is the key to happiness - and she shares this through her music.

LUJAIN makes her music based on her mood at that moment, which is what gives each of her songs its unique tone. Not opposed to any music style, LUJAIN often bridges the gaps between genres, from jazz to R&B, and fuses them together for an original sound. For anyone who appreciates an artist that can display their musical versatility with each song, LUJAIN is the one to watch.

Read our exclusive interview with LUJAIN here. #BUZZMUSIC

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