YardboyK And Producer CEO Sweezy Dropped A “Bad” Summer Banger

Hailing from Ottawa, Canada, YardboyK is here to change the hip-hop game with his high energy sound. Making waves in the streets of Ottawa, up and coming artist YardboyK is equipped with a unique sound and eccentric flow.

YardboyK dropped “Bad” June 2018 and it’s seen nothing but success. Teaming up with producer CEO Sweezy, YardboyK puts his expert lyricism and melodic bars on top of a fire beat. Dripping in confidence and swagger, YardboyK weaves through metaphorical verses about his insane rise to the top. “Bad” is a bragging anthem but YardboyK deserves the bragging rights. YardboyK goes IN on the mic, the confidence he exudes bleeds through the speakers. YardboyK knows how to create music that all his fans can vibe to and enjoy. Even more impressive than his mastery of the local musical language is how he puts his own music and story at the center of it all. He is the bridge connecting all these things. Stay on the look out for this spectacular up and comer, YardboyK! 

Check out “Bad” here and read more in our interview with YardboyK below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic! We love your track “Bad”! What do the lyrics mean to you?

To me hip-hop is all about self expression and being able to tell people your mood/world through song. The meaning of the lyrics could be simple as hell but it’s the way you get the message across that makes it special. “Bad” was literally just me on a happy day trying to get across what I was feeling and make other people feel that way when they hear it. 

Who are you musical influences? How do they help shape your sound?

Growing up I played a bunch of different instruments and went to conservatory piano lessons so I think that helped me to create melodies and figure out what would be most pleasing to the ear. As for artist growing up definitely lil Wayne (the greatest ever) Chris brown and drake. They were the coldest when ymcmb was on top and Wayne’s lyricism was always something I admired... definitely helped me develop as an artist by finding the most interesting way to say basic shit. More recently though I looked towards swae lee, roddy ricch and lil durk for melodies. 

How do you think your music stands out in the Ottawa Rap Scene?

I think I’m pretty versatile and I don’t really have a lane or like a specific type of music that I make I just make music that I’d want to listen to myself and since I listen to a bunch of different genres, the music I make reflects that. I’ve always tried to tell myself “how can I make this sound different” when I’m making music because nowadays anyone can pick up a mic and make a song but there’s a huge difference between making a song and creating music. 

What are some challenges you’ve faced as an up and coming artist? How do you overcome those challenges?

A lot of my fans are people who I don’t know and probably won’t ever see so not getting that immediate feedback from a bunch of people around me can be tough sometimes but at the end of the day I make music for me and if people fuck with it that’s a bonus. That and being grouped in with the “Ottawa rapper” label. It’s like as soon as someone hears someone’s from Ottawa they don’t wanna hear shit from them because they assume it’s the same thing over and over but once people take the time to look around and actually listen they’ll realize ottawa has some of the most talented artists out there. We just gotta stop competing and put the city on. 

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