YESLA Releases Her Worries in "No Money"

YESLA is a Los Angeles-based artist with a mystical gift of channeling straight through her listeners’ emotions. With a passion for songwriting running through her veins from an early age, YESLA’s hot knife lyrics and fiery guitar lines expose a truly inspired artist whose explosive vocals have the power to shake your spirit right out of your body.

Combining an eclectic blend of mesmerizing elements, YESLA produces a seemingly intensified ambiance throughout her latest single “No Money.” Taking her musical inspirations of Jack White, The Black Keys, and Queens of the Stone Age, you hear the cutting edge musicality fuse with her unapologetic persona, in order to bring the amplified spirit of this single to a newfound dimension.

With a narrative stemming from the uncertainty she felt during a time where she, much like the rest of the world, was in limbo, YESLA transfers the pent up angst and unleashes it in this bop about having absolutely no money and the stress, anger, and the need for a cathartic release. Immediately grasping our attention, the smoldering guitar riffs lurk in a dark mix that fits the entire soundscape of “No Money,” impeccably.

What graces the composition in a more than pleasing manner is the deep resonance that surfaces from an atmosphere of ominous roars and then transfers over into the sultry vocal performance of YESLA. A dramatic realm of anxious tenors finds their way into our minds with a thought-provoking sense of ease.

How could a song all fortified on worry give you the security you need? Well, the proof is laced into the manner YESLA conveys her energy and assures listeners that they’re not alone, as she has been there, done that, and has the t-shirt.

A warm welcome to BuzzMusic YESLA, and congratulations on the release of “No Money.” We love the amplified energy that you bring to this track! Job well done! What was it like writing from such a personal place of experience for the creation of this song?

Thank you! Honestly, I find it to be such a release of energy to write from such a personal place. As people, we are often taught to hold in our true emotions to not appear weak or troubled to others but I myself, find strength in my pains as I am no longer afraid to be vulnerable.

In terms of the messaging, what are you hoping that your audience takes away from “No Money?"

"No Money" is pretty clear, it f*cking sucks being broke! Haha but really the main takeaway is that we all go through our ups and downs in life so it’s okay to not be okay; embrace that shit and make the necessary changes to get off the ground.

At what point do certain topics become too much to write about? Is there such a thing as your style of artistry?

I am a very passionate person about most aspects of my life. I could say most topics are too much to write about but I feel it is my duty as an artist to be the vessel in which these emotions/words are being expressed. What I love the most about Rock music is that it can be whatever you want it to be. I can be mad, sad, pensive, sentimental but still want to make a track people will bob and bang their heads to.

What does “No Money,” say about you as an artist and individual in this present moment?

It’s a great introduction into the being of YESLA as an unapologetic artist who isn't afraid to say what’s real; No sugar coating, no laying it on easy, just speaking my truth.

What's your favorite independent release of 2021 so far, from an artist you admire?

I would say my favorite independent release from 2021 would be “We Came To Move” by The Pocket Queen. It’s just so groovy and always puts me in a great mood. Definitely a recommended listen!