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You Better Have a Sweet Tooth For Jayelle's Buoyant Single, "Men Are Candy"

An alt-pop chanteuse, Jayelle channels intense, inner darkness wrapped in a sheen of polished pop vocals.

With an enchanting and illustrative honesty, she explores hauntingly personal and taboo subjects shamelessly. Currently an LA-based songwriter and artist, Jayelle is adding a fresh voice to alternative pop with captivating hooks and clever lyrical themes.

The rhythmic grooves of her recently released single, “Men Are Candy,” sends a wave of sensuality to the speakers of Jayelle’s listeners worldwide. With an infectious tempo that hones in on the eclectic blend of digitalized instruments in this musical arrangement, we are immediately drawn towards the mysterious undertones that lurk in the brilliance of Jayelle’s honeyed conveyance.

Her sultry timbres approach the songwriting in a way that is filled to the brim with candy-like metaphors and how they relate to her taste in men. Applying such an inimitable showcase of lyrical dexterity, you can’t help but be on the hook of Jayelle as she runs through some of your favorite sweets, and inner thoughts. Jayelle’s undeniable vocal range drives home this masterpiece as her opulent harmonies come flooding through the speakers in a well-balanced concoction of mystically charged radiance.

Each note that she hits is borne with such ease and grace, allowing words like, ‘So irresistible, I treat myself. To every good thing on the shelf,’ to have a mass impact on her fan base eager to tap in. If one thing is for sure, it’s that Jayelle knows how to instill a gravitational pull between her musical creations and her audience. Bringing more than just the lush vocal soundscape to the front and center, Jayelle etches life-like imagery to follow.

Listen to "Men Are Candy" here.

Congratulations on the release of your latest single “Men Are Candy.” The metaphors that you use in your songwriting are genius! What inspired such a creative concept for this song?

Thank you so much! I actually can’t take all the credit! The idea came from a lady that was a regular at a restaurant I used to work at. Whenever she came in, she always wanted to know all about my love life and who I was dating at the time. I remember one day I was telling her about this guy who was blowing me off, and I was really upset about it. She interrupted me and said, “Honey, don’t worry about it. At your age, men are candy.” I thought that was a genius concept (and life motto actually), so I jotted it down in my notes app and ended up revisiting it while writing a couple of months later!

What are you hoping that your audience takes away from the themes and messaging brought out in “Men Are Candy?"

A lot of my music tends to surround more serious subjects, so I wanted this song to be a more lighthearted departure from that. It’s sexy and summery and I hope everyone that listens to it feels that confident energy.

How do your influences of Anna Nalick, Halsey, Maggie Rogers, Paramore, and Taylor Swift, speak into the music that you create as an artist?

I’ve always had pretty eclectic music taste. Primarily, I just love strong, confident women that can write the hell out of a song. All of those artists inspire me to keep expanding stylistically and pushing my comfort zone as an artist. I think this song is a great example of that!

Comparing “Men Are Candy,” to your previous work, what are some similarities and differences that you endured through the creative/release process?

I definitely wanted this song to be different from my other stuff while still staying true to what I think sets me apart as an artist and a writer. I think I was able to maintain the cynical, sarcastic vibe from my other music, but the packaging of this song lyrically and sonically is a lot more flirty and playful. My producer and co-writer Drew Louis was really helpful in creating that sensual atmosphere musically. The photoshoot was also very new for me. I’m a big fan of darker colors and edgier style, so dressing in and surrounding myself with pastels was really fun to try and definitely out of my comfort zone fashion-wise.

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