You Better Not Be Counting On Kamrn's "Downfall"

Hip-hop makes a stop in Houston, and Kamrn approaches the modern-day genre with an attack of his caliber. With self-proclaimed monikers such as “Mr.lonely” and “Loverboy,” Kamrn gives his listeners a raw look into the depths of his life. Touching on relatable topics, such as relationships, life’s problems, mental stability, and the unvarying bumps and bruises that life throws at you, this melodic artist finds an innovative way to fuse his favorite genres of Hip-hop, R&B and, Pop, to form a breath of fresh air.

Releasing the glistening likes of his latest single, Kamrn recruits Hip-hop artist, Ezzy to conquer the ambient tides of “Downfall.” With the commencement of heartfelt, slow tempo instrumentation, we anticipate the tactic in which Kamrn will exude his signature flairs. As the rhythm switches and we’re hit with bass-heavy components filled in a utopia of wavey synths and pads, we manage to get lost in the music. Sitting in the pocket of fusing divine Contemporary R&B with the modern wave of Hip-hop that this era has to offer, you are encouraged to tap into the grooves of your inner reflective state. Kamrn vocalizes the saccharine reverberations of this atmospheric tale.

The ability in which Kamrn has you hanging onto the previous words he sheds as they luminously fall into the microphone is a quality that we want more of from this emerging artist. Speaking profound words in a fusion of harmonies and melodic tunes, we are blessed with the grace of Kamrn performing the fears of bringing ones too close to him as they pray for his downfall. Ezzy glides onto the beat like a skate on ice, addressing the sorrow in his tone. He allows you to feel what he has to say through the lyrical dexterity that he emanates. The dynamism between these two artists has us wanting to see more collaborations from them in the future. Kamrn hits it home with “Downfall,” as he skyrockets on his own flight of success.

Big congratulations on the release of “Downfall.” You’re sending out a message that a lot of your listeners can relate to. What moment inspired you to write this song?

Hey, thank you for having me. I made Downfall at the top of the year. It was the first song I made this year and at this point, I was already stressed and had so much going on that I never sat down and addressed it. I use my music as therapy sessions so as soon as I pressed record all of those thoughts came flowing.

How did the collaboration of yourself and Ezzy come to be? What was it like working with one another?

Ezzy is like my brother man I love em. I’ve known him since middle school he uses to always try and get me out of my shell. We both started making music around the same time. On this day he had just came thru recorded his song then was like “ you got any opens?” I played em this one he listened for 15 seconds then recorded his verse in like 30 minutes.

We already built up that chemistry with each other so every-time we reconnect it’s literally too easy.

What non-musical inspirations do you allow to speak into the music that you create?

Fashion, I’m really inspired by different designers that make me want to be great in my own aspect. Also stuff like movies you know. Every time I record I put Netflix on mute and whatever I was watching I may reference it in my song.

What has been your biggest takeaway as an artist in the year 2020?

My biggest takeaway as an artist is that you got to work twice as hard for what you want. I didn’t realize until now that the effort and the money I was putting in wasn’t enough I had to go harder if I ever wanna get to where I wanna be.

What goals do you have for your music, as we move into the new year?

My main goal is to make this my full-time career. Imma do whatever for that to come true. Also, I want to build up my fanbase more. As for the sound of my music, I want to get more experimental a little bit. I want every song I make to sound like a piece of a world I’m building.