You Can Put Your Mind Towards Anything and INASEH Encourages You to "try it"

INASEH takes the meaning of his name to heart in the production of the music he crafts. The literal meaning of INASEH is “anything you put your mind to you can achieve.” As this up and coming artist continuously tries to evolve in his musical journey and adapt to new sounds and techniques, most of the music he creates is about poetry and speaking his truth, while other times he flicks the switch and focuses his attention on going with the flow and having a good time.

Set out to stay true to himself as he grows and inspires others, INASEH uses the principles of his influences in the melodies he offers up to his listeners. With the nostalgic ambiance emitted from the vinyl static in “try it,” you can’t help but to turn up the volume and wrap your head around the conscious lyricism executed by INASEH. The leisurely timed drum patterns accompanied by the warm embrace of the electric guitar chords being strummed create an alluring appeal as the instrumentation washes over you and your cognizant being.

INASEH plunges into the smooth cadences that stream together in an effortless manner as he shelters his expressions of coming up in this industry despite the anguish that accompanies the not so linear journey. As he takes us into the thoughts his mind conjures up on a regular basis, you hear some inspiration come from his vocalization as he leaves us with his final words, “Trynna make it through, you gotta see it to believe it. Gotta make it through, you gotta see it to believe it, yea.”

This record doesn’t have a distinct chorus, but with the way that it captivates you at sudden impact, it doesn’t need to have one by any means. Focusing your attention on what INASEH leaves for us to soak in, we can see why this artist is pulling in the attention that he deserves, one listener at a time.

Congratulations on the release of “try it,” off of your album, 'Parades & Late Night Blues.' Where did you get the inspiration for the album name, and how does "try it" ties into this masterpiece?

Parades & Late Night Blues is supposed to represent a day at a parade (the parade being a representation of the happiness of love) and what happens after the parade is the late-night blues (representation of heartbreak) and try it is just another float in the parade. With the song being about the hopes and dreams that I have and really having an argument with any of the negative thoughts had related to them.

Could you please take us into the creative process of “try it?" How was it different from the creation of other songs featured on the album?

Try it was really a quick recording because I wanted to capture the emotion I felt while writing it and tried the make the song as raw and close to heart as possible. But most of the album was created like that.

If you could pick a favorite lyric from this song, what would it be and why does it resonate with you the most?

My favorite lyric from “try it” is “gotta try to make them see that we don’t need more than just, just a kid with a dream, a kid with no team, a kid inside that Mf fancy limousine” which is supposed to be about different steps in my life. Step 1: me being a kid with a dream to make music. Step 2: me losing friends and basically trying to move forward with no team around me. step 3: hopefully yet to come me finally achieving and riding around in a “limousine” which is just a representation of luxury and success. And I also hope that listeners can listen to that lyric and feel inspired and feel like anything is possible.

With influences such as Prince, Tupac, Kanye West, and Tyler the Creator, how do you allow these inspirations to speak into the music you create?

All of those artists taught me valuable things such as being myself. Whenever I make music I try to just be myself and speak my truth. And I also have seen through them how fun it is to always create something new through every album.

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

Listeners can expect Something very different for my next album, very different subject matter, and a fresh new sound.