You Can't Take Your Eyes Off of Young Dalliance with His Latest Single "Eyes On Me"

From the sun-drenched and palm-studded streets of Las Vegas, Nevada, rapper-songwriter, Young Dalliance reigns. The pride of Salem, Oregon, Young D, as others also call him, made his debut in 2019 with the release of an EP and five separate singles.

Becoming the talk of his hometown, Young Dalliance, born Elijah D. Kilgore, has enjoyed a steady growth in popularity and has amassed a small but passionate following for the music in which he judiciously crafts.

Upon the first run-through of “Eyes On Me,” the melodic and intoxicating sample submerging you in sweet harmonies draws you into the essence of what this track stands for. Young Dalliance provides listeners with a raw vulnerability that he exudes in his emcee abilities that trademark a hitmaker. The memorable hook “Keep your eyes on me, keep your eyes on me,” is vocalized repeatedly as you know that Young Dalliance is here to make his mark on the music industry. Plunging into a headspace that allows him to reflect on boxed in emotions, the lyricism through Young Dalliance’s storytelling showcases his heartfelt conveyance on another level.

How Young Dalliance manipulates the instrumentation of the rhythmic drums with his effortless cadences makes you think that he is a veteran of the industry versus a newcomer on the scene. This fusion between old school Hip-hop and the new age modern wave makes for the most pleasurable listening experience as you can hear some of the greats influencing his profound delivery.

Young Dalliance puts his stake in the ground as he continues to establish his name as a promising up and comer in the genre of Hip-hop.