You Have To Hear The Official T.N.T’s Track “Whoa”; Featured Here!

The Official T.N.T is a hip-hop collective comprised of 3 artists, T-zar The Tyrant, Nonymous, and TC 100. The three men all come from diverse backgrounds, each with there own heavy set of struggle and real life experiences. They have all found a way to turn their trials and tribulations into learning experiences. Formed in November 2018, the hip-hop trio’s message is to keep pursuing, keep grinding, and to keep your head up, NO MATTER WHAT. Life never waits for anyone, so regardless of your situation, shyness, feelings, wrong doings, or past experiences, keep going, always. The Official T.N.T. is here to make a better life for their families and future generations. 

“Whoa” is a dope and confident track that was released January 2019. We love the heavy bass that transitions into a rhythmic and hypnotic beat. The verses are finely-tuned and explosive, T.N.T. weaves through verses of confidence and empowerment. We love to hear about the come up and T.N.T. puts real lyrics over hot beats and we can’t get enough. T-zar The Tyrant, Nonymous and TC 100 have an undeniable chemistry that comes blasting through the speakers. Their connection through their past and their similar talents have brought them together for a reason, we love he tracks they put out as an outlet for their emotive journey. We can’t wait to see what The Official T.N.T delivers next!

Check out “Whoa” here and read more with The Official T.N.T in our interview below!

Stay tuned for The Official T.N.T's next single "LA To Oak" on July 26th!

Hey The Official T.N.T! Can you start by telling us more about yourselves and your upbringing into music?

Each of us have been attached to music in different ways throughout our lives, whether it was writing it, listening to it, studying it etc. We all came together at the end of 2018 figuring out similarities such as our age, our family structure, our goals, and also, when we came together we realized we had not only potential, but talent, in the same category. Music. In which was exciting, challenging, fun, therapeutic, keeping us out of trouble and was bringing some attention we never would've thought to us. 

How did you create your stage name?

We figured out our own names individually. As for a group, we were all in the studio writing out our track spots, and had out names abbreviated to (T.N.T) to shorten. As we said it out loud we all realized that could be our name. And ever since then we liked it and have been The Official T.N.T.

Do any specific artist influence or inspire your sound?

2pac, Biggie Smalls, Nipsey Hussle, NWA, The Game, Big L

What’s the meaning behind your track “Whoa”?

We seen the results off Bad Boy, and kind of realized what things could really be. What this could really become. Like "Whoa". Awakening in a way. Then, next track came out as "Whoa."

What’s your favorite lyric in “Whoa”? Why?

Beginning of each verse: Nonymous's - "Get the f*** up out the way, I can hit it any day"

This is when Nonymous hit the ground running and got his sort of savageness to his style and really stuck.

&  TC100's- "Lost Trevor but he's back and better, black sweater bolt action lever."

This symbolized TC100's sense of refining himself when the music started up, fitting perfectly with Nonymous's savageness, and the whole production and background, meaning wise, of Whoa. 

What can we expect from The Official T.N.T next?

There are a lot of things being brew'd right now. But what's next next? "L.A. To OAK" 

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