You'll Have J.Cymone's Latest Anthem On, "Replay"

Deeming her genre as Future Soul, J.Cymone is a singer, songwriter, storyteller, and curator of positive vibes. Born and raised in the Bay Area, this San Francisco native’s artistry is shaped by the city’s incredibly diverse landscape.

Drawing mainly from her personal experiences, themes of love, sensuality, growth, self-doubt, and empowerment are often explored in her music. J.Cymone welcomes her audience to take a moment to truly listen to the music while catching a vibe.

Enticing listeners in the sultry soundscape of a Future Soul ballad, J.Cymone has her audience fully entranced in the airy essence of “Replay.” Taking our breath away with the delicate vocal performance exuded, J.Cymone immerses us in a sweet escape from reality as she pulls us into her plumy world.

Embodying an impenitent persona as she graces us with her heartfelt voice, we can hear J.Cymone eloquently reflecting on subjects of someone not living up to the expectations that were sought out. The lyrical motif of “told him catch me on the replay” has us singing along to the words that J.Cymone places forth. “Replay” exemplifies the quintessence of a hit anthem.

By bringing us into her world with the storytelling techniques that J.Cymone carries out in her lyrical content, we feel an emotional connection to her and what she has been through. She is known for creating relatable content that her audience feels to their core’ “Replay” directly falls into that category fluently.

There is no denying that what J.Cymone brings to the table is unmatched energy and undeniable talent. Offering her vulnerability into melodic stories that have us chanting long after the song is over, J.Cymone is establishing herself in the best way possible.

Congratulations on your release of the mesmerizing, “Replay.” You go into such deep storytelling techniques on this track. What moment or story inspired the plotline of, “Replay?"

Thank you for reaching out! Yea the writing on “Replay” is a real spill on where I was at in my mind dealing with an ex and realizing how much I’d grown from the situation and reflecting on the success I’d gained independent from it. I feel like we’ve all had a relationship or situation we’ve leveled up from so I kinda wanted to celebrate that.

Could you please share what the creative and recording process looked like when you fashioned this track together?

This was actually one of those songs that kinda just came together. I had been inside quarantined like the rest of the world and was just tryna stay sharp. Once I heard the track the lyrics just flowed.

How does “Replay,” hold up to other songs heard in your music catalog?

“Replay” just feels fun! My other releases are way more chill. I enjoyed pushing myself out of my comfort zone with this one.

How have you found yourself growing as an artist from your first release to now?

I feel like my sound is more realized now than from my first release. I’m not as scared to write from my personal POV or color outside the lines of conventional r&b with my melodies or my writing.

What can we expect to see next?

So much!! New music, new visuals, and some really special collabs I’m excited to share with y’all!! I’m back in the studio working on my next ep. I’m super proud of my singles but I feel like I’m ready to drop a cohesive project for the fam!