Young Bail Gives an Inside Look on His Emotions Authentic Rap Album, “Sincerely Yours"

Rap music has become a personal favorite genre of mine due to how real it can get. For Young Bail, he represents this idea to its fullest extent with his authentic album titled “Sincerely Yours”. This project begins with “Nightmares” and this song touched and moved us as listeners. The melodic beat that created this emotional aesthetic served as a good base for Young Bail to passionately deliver his raw lyrics that not only told his story but even served as a relatable vibe for many many individuals. It served as a great opener and gave us an insight into what this album could potentially have in store for us. “Nights” felt like a continued on a single from “Nightmares” with a different vibe in the production. However, you can really feel the passion and hunger in Young Bail’s lyrics and delivery in both songs. “Lil Bit” was super dope. It was a rap ballad about a girl that has Young Bail’s attention and he’s enjoying her vibe. The reason why I like this song a lot was the storytelling aspect to it along with a catchy hook. Young Bail shows a lot of versatility with the next song “Problem” featuring Kevin K. “Problem” is a song that I can hear on the radios due to the marketability it contains. The super cool autotune in the hook with the rhythmic beat will make this song a great party jam to vibe with. “Sick” and “Top Floor” both went HARD! These songs showed off Young Bail’s aggression and the way he’s able to go bar to bar with a tough delivery.

After going hard on the beats, Young Bail switches it up with “Possible”. “Possible” was really memorable for me because it had a nice blend between going hard but keeping the vibe more sentimental. Young Bail had a strong emotional conviction while delivering the lyrics with a punch. “Possible” is a song that touches you due to how real and raw the lyrics were. Young Bail closes the album with “Games” and the lyrics behind this song gave off strong themes of heartbreak, distrust, and love. In fact, after listening to each song of “Sincerely Yours,” I was able to grab a hint at what the theme of this album could be. Each song was so authentically written, showing vulnerability, and remaining true to the thoughts and feelings of Young Bail. his songwriting approach reminds me of the lyrical greats like J.cole with a raspy vocal tone that’s similar to Rick Ross and Jeezy. Young Bail amazed and impressed us with his true lyrical ability and the way he was able to correctly arranged an album filled with purity and versatility.

You can listen to the flawlessly executed album, “Sincerely Yours” here

Welcome to Buzzmusic Young Bail! How was it growing up in South Carolina? In what ways has your environment influenced your music?

Well I’m Originally From New Brunswick New Jersey But Moving to South Carolina was a Culture Shock at first due to the difference in environment Both places Influenced me the same way I have records that are 808 Southern sound Songs like Sick But then I also have records that are just bars or songs with messages that have an east coast flow/feel to it.

Let’s talk about this amazing album “Sincerely Yours”. What was the major theme behind this project? What inspired you to create this? What’s the reasoning behind the name?

The Theme Behind it was just number one Dedicated it to those who have supported me throughout this journey of me creating music I’ve been taking music seriously since 2011-12 so it’s been a roller coaster ride of a journey definitely. My inspiration for the project was just the ups & downs that I went through just to even reach some of the smallest goals. The reasoning behind the name, To be honest, it was just a dope title.

We noticed a lot of emotional conviction in songs like “Games” and “Possible”. In what ways were you able to personally relate to your lyrics in both of these songs?

Well for a song like possible again just trying to tell the listeners that as long as you stay focused on your goals You can achieve whatever is out there for you just keep a positive attitude & stay focused & the inspiration behind the song games as I had recently gone through a bad breakup but the record, in particular, isn’t made for anyone it just so happens the relationship I was in folded right around the time I made the record I get a lot of good feedback from that record too.

Did you stumble upon any challenges in the making of this album? Can you detail how you overcame them?

Well, The Only Challenge Was Just taking my time with the project & figuring out what records would fit the project entirely that’s really it.

Thank you for sharing! Which song on “Sincerely Yours” would you consider your favorite and why Young Bail?

My favorite song well I have two one would have to be Games Just Because of the emotional attachment the record has to my real-life The other is nightmares for the same reasons growing up in certain environments with a certain crowd of people can change your ways of thinking the things you go through shape your character & the name young bail actually came from my cousin he gave me the name I just took it & ran with it the name stands for being an intellectual leader.