Young Burton Drops “Best Friend” In Collaboration With Mouton

Young Burton aka YB, born as Darrio Burton in Beaufort, South Carolina, started rapping in 2014. Being inspired by poverty and using music as a way to escape the reality of a broken community, YB is an artist and rapper with a fierce passion for lyricism and fast rhymes when it comes to crafting original hip hop. Prodigy introduces his sound well, a track that grows more immersive and impressive as it moves along, but one that aims high from the offset – effectively tipping its hat to some of the yester-year greats.

Musically, “Best Friend” Ft. Mouton offers a partly organic, colorful soundscape, suggestive of simple good times and a carefree aura. This gives the music an easy-going yet confident feel, so you expect a passionate and energetic performance on top of it. That’s precisely what you get. The outpouring of lyrics is heavy, so much so that a second listen is necessary. “Best Friend” is fun, confident and mighty in its intention and drive. Hopefully with future releases listeners will come to gather a little more info as to who the artist is. This motivational, energizing vibe works perfectly as a go-to anthem whenever you need a little kick.

Check out “Best Friend” Ft. Mouton here and read more with Young Burton in our exclusive interview below!

Hi YB! How old were you when you released your very first track?

I was 18 years old and didn’t know anything about recording or laying down vocals. Every artist thinks all you have to do is rap the words you wrote but in all actuality you have to know how to project your vocals in the booth, the correct pitch, what part of the beat you change your flow on etc  

How does your earlier music compare to your recent release “Best Friend”?

Before I knew how to market myself I would just post the song on YouTube, SoundCloud, Reverbnation and any where else I could add my music for free.This was before I knew about copyrights and owning beats, clearing samples to use etc. I was a beginner from the business standpoint. Now before releasing any content, my mentor and I put together a well thought out plan on what to release, how to release it and in what quarter should we focus on releasing it in. Now that I’m aware of these things and no longer want to be viewed as just another guy who raps over beats for fun. I’d like to carry myself as a determined professional artist who takes all the right steps when releasing a new project. So before I was basically just throwing my music to the world without a format and hoping for results now as I like to say we have a method to the madness.  

Tell us what you want your listeners to take away from “Best Friend”

Best friends is about two people in a relationship no matter what sexual preference you have. Everyone wants that special someone who they call their best friend in a relationship. It’s relatively open to the world of love and when you listen to it makes you feel as though you are in love or thinking about that person who you hold dear to your heart. This track doesn’t have a age limit attached to it as most love songs do these days from having explicit content. I just want my fans and new fans to experience the same feeling I had when writing the song and that’s love.

When you’re not making music, what do you do?

I’m never not making music lol but when I’m not in the studio I focus on family, becoming a better person than I was yesterday and studying hard about foreign trades and running a business to become successful outside of music.  

What inspired you to keep making music everyday?

My inspiration comes from life it self. Just being able to provide for my love ones and knowing where I came from and where I’m at now in life. I try to paint a picture of every obstacle I had to over come in life hoping that someone who’s going through what I went through would hear my music and just relate. My two biggest influences are Doe Boogie and 24kayz. Boogie taught 24kayz everything about music and he’s doing great in this business and they didn’t have to go to school or anything to learn it. So in the mist of being mentored by both of them allowed me to teach my 2 younger brothers a skill that they can enjoy doing while making great income. 

Also with the new wave that’s over the game now, I feel like they are missing my sound and that’s enough to keep me pushing until YB becomes a house hold name. Then hopefully my story would inspire someone after me. 

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