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Young Cisto Has Us Moving to the Melodies He Offers Up

Known for his energetic performances and witty, yet conscious lyrics, Young Cisto remains steady establishing his name in the music industry.

As an Oslo-based Hip-hop artist who grew up in Italy with a Ghanaian background. He has amassed hundreds of thousands of streams from listeners worldwide. With his great success in 2020, Young Cisto has managed to have three of his songs listed on Spotify’s New Music Friday and Norsk Rap playlists. ‘Sky Red,’ ‘Afrika Sauce,’ and ‘Unstoppable,’ have created plenty of victories for this emerging Hip-hop artist, including his music video for ‘Moses Sesom,’ achieving over 60, 000 views on YouTube

Showcasing his music in venues such as Rockefeller Oslo, John Dee Oslo, Nordic Black Theatre, Cosmopolitan, and many different local and international venues, Young Cisto cements his place as an expert performer.

Placing the focus on his 2020 release of the victorious, “Afrika Sauce,” Young Cisto takes an intoxicating melody that has you dancing in moments, and sends the pulsating characteristics through your speakers. The smooth reverberations of Young Cisco's vocals have you swooning over his voice that floats effortlessly on this body of work. With a lush presentation, Young Cisto has you gravitating towards each word that you remain hung upon. Giving this anthem a lively bounce that has you reconnecting with your roots, you’re offered a mesmerizing composition that has you getting lost in the music while letting loose.

With plenty more achievements to come in the year 2021, Young Cisto stays busy to create content that you can connect with on an intrapersonal level. Through the dynamic vibrations that are carried forth in his musical creations. Young Cisto holds his place as a top tier artist serving up mind-altering foundations for your mind to transport to.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Young Cisto, and congratulations on a successful year. Through the chaos of 2020, how have you found yourself growing as an artist?

Thanks, BuzzMusic! This year has been very different and chaotic for a lot of artists, I have personally been focusing more on my craft this year than ever. We got so much “free time”(from work) so I decided to take a singing class, learn more bout mixing & mastering, and further develop my dance moves. I am getting ready for 2021 and possible upcoming shows & concerts.

How has your creative process developed through the course of the year?

I have been really pushing myself this year. I wanted to be productive and don`t let this free time go to waste. I issued a challenge to myself & friends called the 100dayschallenge. The challenge consists of recording 100 new songs in 100 days plus some extra grueling physical activity. I uploaded the whole journey here. I also explored new platforms like tik tok & thriller.

Could you please take us into the creative process of, “Afrika Sauce?” What were the vibes like when making a melody so captivating?

It was a Friday night and I was in the studio vibing, I had two friends that came over and one just started playing some Burna boy & Wizkid music. I guess after all the chit chat and music I got inspired: by the end of the night I had the song figured out. I freestyle a lot so the hook came to me naturally and the day after I sat down and wrote the verses for the track. I immediately felt this song had potential and worked on it for several months before release.

What are some ways that you were able to remain inspired in 2020?

The 100dayschallenge kept me inspired and forced me to keep it moving.

I also read this book by Robert Green named “Mastery” which pushed me to keep going and staying creative.

What themes and messages would you like your listeners to take away from the music that you create?

My main objective is to inspire and entertain with my music. My themes are kind of philosophical(life, unknown, relationships, decisions, etc..) at the same time I do have a couple of song which is just fun, dancing style with no particular message behind it which are more focused on creating a vibe & atmosphere.

How do your musical influences speak into the music that you create?

It come in different ways, I have influences from gospel music to heavy gangsta rap. I listen to everything and do not hold myself to one particular genre. That`s why I also make very diversified music from trap to Afro, to country I hold myself mainly to rap and bring in other genres but I am not afraid to try something new and always love to experiment.

What can we expect from you in 2021 in terms of projects and releases?

In 2021 I will be releasing more Afro-trap music and a Japanese-anime Ep called “Konoha”. I will also be releasing more visuals than ever, you guys should stay tuned cuz it`s gonna be a bang.



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