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Young Lyonne Releases a Heated Single, "Dividends"

Coming in hot from Queens, the Caribbean-American Hip-Hop Vigilante Young Lyonne releases a bright Trap bop with his recent single, "Dividends."

Coming fresh off an 8-week single release event, Young Lyonne now aims for steady Youtube growth and recognition through accompanying music videos. 

With his latest single "Dividends," Young Lyonne goes hard with his irresistible bars that we can't help but repeat. Giving listeners a boost of energy to powerfully get on with their day, the track's sensational production serves a sparkling atmosphere with deep low-ends that thump through our speakers.

"Dividends" begins with haunting ghost vocals and shimmering pads while meeting the scorching beat drop and Young Lyonne's rhythmic delivery. While he starts rapping with surreal confidence and authority, the surrounding production swells to this foolproof bop with dominant synths and kicking drum arrangements. 

While Young Lyonne continues to power through with dominance through his bars surrounding the natural greatness he exudes, we're deep in the fire that he's set with each intricate bar. The track's hi-fi production continues to be a force to be reckoned with through the driving synths that push the song to new places. 

Young Lyonne's energy within this track is truly intoxicating, as the mid-tempo foot-tapper perfectly complements his authoritative flow and allows Young Lyonne to take his time and deliver what he needs to say. 

Young Lyonne's single "Dividends" strikes our speakers with heat instantly, all while pulling us deep into the song's sweltering Trap/Hip-Hop production; the song makes for a stimulating experience.

We love the authority and dominance you exude within your single, "Dividends." What inspired you to create such a raw and assertive single?

In hindsight I think I was patting myself on the back for the foundation I built with my previous releases and excited about learning new things and continuing to learn more. Sometimes I freely make batches of songs, then I go back and see what sounds good. So Dividends wasn't as planned out as other songs. It's just what was on my mind at the time, and I love how catchy it sounded with that vocal in the background. I sent it to a few friends, they liked it too, so I put it out.

Could you take us through the sonic creative process for your single "Dividends"? Did you create the beat yourself? How did you form the production to be so exhilarating and powerful?

No, Versus Beats created the original, and I had Fi-Ne tune it up and engineer the track as a whole to make it bang more. How they do what they do - that's a whole other thing. They're extremely talented at what they do.

What should listeners take away and feel from your single "Dividends"? What were your initial ideas and thoughts regarding the vibe you wanted to create with the song?

Songs about "getting money" aren't new and they'll never get out of style when done right. "I Get Money" - 50 Cent, "Money in the Bank" - Lil Scrappy, countless others from back then and today. Those are the kind of songs that just snap in you into a mindset of hustling. I wanted anyone listening to feel the confidence, hustle mentality, get it done mentality, all of that.

We noticed that you also released a music video for your single "Dividends." Did you have any help with the video's shooting and editing process?

Yes, my friend Travis Shannon aka The Asshole Savant filmed it. I edited it. I really wanted this video to be simply me turning up and happy in front of the camera. My last music video had the whole deal - models, make up artist, hotel location, production assistant, etc. For "Dividends" I wanted the video to be as raw and straight to the point as the track.

What can we expect to see next from you?

Working on more stuff for YouTube! I have a remix to Popstar coming on Friday, Oct 23, and another remix the week after that. And then, finally, a music video to my single "Who That". I'll be working on YouTube for the next few weeks.





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