Young Rob Drops Contagious New Banger “Mami”

Young Rob is a hip-hop, R&B, Afro-beat Recording artist from London. Rob was born in Accra, Ghana but moved to the UK after completing secondary school. At a young age, hanging out with older peers Rob was introduced to West Coast Hip-Hop and from then on he knew he wanted to pursue musical. Listening to legends like 2pac and The Hot Boy$, music has always been an inspiration for Rob. His music career began when he was introduced to a London based producer named “Ren The Producer”. Ren played a pivotal role in getting Young Rob’s career started. Soon after Young Rob released his first mixtape titled “Versatility”. After releasing the tape, Rob was set on making a name for himself by performing, networking and, not surprisingly, created a large fanbase. With many other releases and a debut EP out now, he is back again with his latest single “Mami”. 

Young Rob dropped “Mami” and it’s an upbeat and catchy Afrobeat/Hip-hop track that’s bound to be the song of the summer! It features a sizzling and seductive background layered with a contagious hook. ”Mami” is refreshing and spreads good vibes on an absolute powerhouse track. Young Rob  is no stranger to success or great music and “Mami” is further proof of that.“Mami” catchy and easy to vibe and dance to and I highly recommend you check it out as soon as possible. “Mami” is available on all major streaming platforms and ready to be added to your summer playlist. Stay on the lookout for what Young Rob delivers next.

Listen to Young Rob here and read more with the artist in his interview below!

Hi Young Rob ! Can you start by introducing yourself to our readers? What inspired you to start creating music? What age were you?

I'm a Ghanaian Artist based in London who's aspirations are  to inspire others  through my music. What inspired me to start creating music was listening to 2pac. I just loved the way he was able to express his thoughts and the day he felt through music.  I was 16 years old when I was introduced to his music 

How did moving to the UK affect who you are as an artist? 

Well, Moving to London was the most pivotal part of my life as an artist. London launched my career.

Who are your top three musical influences? How do you pull from them for inspiration?

2pac, Joe and Maroon 5. I pull inspiration from these by constantly listening to their songs. Most of the things they sing about I relate to.

Tell us more about your infectious new track “Mami”! What do you hope your listeners take away from this song?

Now Mami is a feel good song with a great melodic beat. It's very catchy and easy to sing along to. It will have you putting your dancing shoes on 

Is this new single leading up to another EP? What's next for you?

Yes, the single is leading to an album.

What's next?

Me hitting the road performing and promoting the single

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