Your Cat Has a New Anthem, and It’s Acid Rescues “Hungry Gurl”

New energetic Pop/Rock band Acid Rescues returns with another exciting anecdote on their latest hit “Hungry Gurl”. Formed in Los Angeles by singer/songwriter Andrew Young and his talented musician friends, Acid Rescues acts as an ‘alter ego’ to Andrew Young’s solo career with a light-hearted approach and clever short stories that put a smile on your face. Their track “Hungry Gurl” really gets our spirits high, as the theme surrounds a playful cat’s narrative patiently waiting for their owner to do almost anything with. Creating a simple and warmhearted atmosphere by supporting the song’s concept with light rock instrumentation.

“Hungry Gurl” opens with clean-cut electric guitar moving into the initial downbeat, incorporating soothing drum pockets, timeless guitar picking creating a polished instrumental melody. All while inviting fellow feline-lovers to enjoy their finely-calibrated and accurate concepts. With satisfying and dynamic transitions from verse to chorus, Acid Rescues takes fun-loving melodies and thoroughly indulges in different themes that aren’t commonly written about, but sure do make us smile. With clever kitty narrative lyrics like “Get up get up! I want attention, put your hand on my head”, Acid Rescues effortlessly gets their messages across and in an incredibly entertaining way.

Stream "Hungry Gurl" here and get to know more about Acid Rescues in our interview below.

Hey Acid Rescues, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re loving your track “Hungry Gurl” and it’s incredibly accurate lyricism! Could you share what Acid Rescue’s creative process was like when writing lyrics from a Cat’s perspective? 

At the time, I was in a phase of writing fast, fun, pop, punk-influenced songs and wanting to try putting out some new music under a different name. I usually start by coming up with a chord progression on the guitar and then just singing random stuff over it. One of the things I mumbled when I started singing to my chord progression was “Get up, get up!” That instantly reminded me of how I woke up that morning to a cat walking all over me and licking my legs. So I explored that thought some more and from then, I knew exactly where I wanted to go with this song. So that day, I finished writing the song and making a demo of it in my studio. Later that week, I had my friend, Brian Hill come into record drums for this song and for a couple of others. Right after, I started mixing and mastering and putting together the little 3 song EP and sent it off for release. Brian also made the artwork for it. This whole project was quick and I felt like the inspirations and good energies were hitting us really well. 

Your fun-loving track “Hungry Gurl” perfectly captures Acid Rescue’s creative abilities and desire to entertain in a light-hearted way. What made Acid Rescues want to write the purr-fect kitty anthem “Hungry Gurl”? 

Last year, 2019, during the summer, I was taking care of this sweet female Bengal cat, at my place, for a friend. They were in a complicated process of moving and needed someone to take care of the cat while they figured out their situation. They asked me and I agreed to do it. This cat pretty much occupied all my attention. I never had a cat so I spent so much of my days trying to build a relationship with her and getting to know her personalities and behaviors. This cat just had me so intrigued all the time. My life was consumed by this cat and so a song naturally just came out of the whole experience.

You’ve mentioned that Acid Rescues releases music from a different angle than frontman Andrew Young’s solo career. What made you want to form Acid Rescues and release music that shares a different perspective? 

I’ve been writing and making music for years under my own solo artist name, Andrew Young. The type of songs I wrote was really honest and heartfelt. Although I hear from my friends and fans that they love the tunes, I couldn’t really feel the same way. I think it might be an artist thing. I’m glad that I wrote and made all those songs over time but to me, most of them are just cringe diary entries. I still have them out there because I respect it as a work of art that captured me at that current state and people enjoy them.  I’ve been releasing music under Andrew Young since 2012. At this point, there is an image, brand, sound, and aesthetic that has been developed for Andrew Young. I didn’t want to keep going with it. As people grow and change, they want to associate themselves with new identities, ideas, and lifestyles. Acid Rescues is a way for me to start something fresh and not have to carry 2012 me along with it. One of my intentions with Acid Rescues, in terms of songwriting, is to become a better storyteller. With Andrew Young, I wanted to try to be as honest and emotional as I can with my songwriting but with Acid Rescues, I just want to write good songs whether they’re personally honest or not. I will always use personal experiences as inspiration for writing but at the end of the day, I just want to write good songs that tell a fun story. With that approach, I think it will open up so many creative ideas. 

The underlying instrumentation on your song “Hungry Gurl” perfectly supports the track’s cleverly-written lyrics. What was it like navigating through the process to find accurate instrumentation that sonically speaks the same message as the lyrics? 

There are so many ways to go about songwriting. Some people work on the music first and then add lyrics to it while some people do it the other way around. For me, I’ll pretty much always work on the music and the lyrics at the same time. The reason for that is because I want to make sure that the music and lyrics are all working in the same direction as it is being created. I feel like I might be a little discouraged if I created a whole instrumental and then later found it too difficult to add lyrics to it, the same as the other way around. But some people are really good at going at it that way. Singing about the behaviors of a hungry cat is not a serious topic at all so I knew the music had to be fun and light too.  

What can we expect from you throughout 2020?

I just want to keep pumping out content and playing shows. Specifically, I’d like to get more into videos. I feel like it’s something I lack. I want to make music videos and even short fun ones that help the listeners/fans get to know the band better on a personal level. I’m always trying to write and make music so you can keep expecting more will come.