YoursTruly Has Us Dripping in Emotion with "Te Amo"

A man of many aliases, YoursTruly is a Hip-hop artist reigning from Edmonton, Alberta. Originally from Dallas, Texas, the now Canadian based artist can often be heard captivating listeners with his artistic versatility.

Dipping into subgenres of Hip-hop, this rapper and singer offers his rapidly growing fan base a piece of himself as he toggles between melodic sounds and harder drill type ambiance. With a drive and dedication that scares most, the passion YoursTruly exudes will turn his doubters into believers.

The instrumentation's angelic sounds that initiate “Te Amo” leave us anticipating what is to come from this versatile artist. YoursTruly recruits topboypoison to give us the depths of this record that dabbles between English and Spanish conveyance as we go through each verse and chorus delicately. YoursTruly has us enthralled in the delicate reverberations of his vocal presentation as he indulges us with his wide-range of tones and radiance. As we sink into our seats and zone in on the striking words displayed, we can hear the earnest expressions that this dynamic duo emit. Singing sweet sounds about the apple of his eye, a vivid picture is painted as we learn more about his love interest and how she has him folding under pressure.

Taking sonic notes from the greats that came before him, YoursTruly structures this song as a registered bop. Completing each melody with purpose, the harmonious drive projected has us thinking about that special someone as we take in the unalloyed quintessence to heart. YoursTruly and topboypoison have us feeling every emotion in this vibrant collaboration.

Looking forward to what the future holds for these talents, we will patiently await the next release from YoursTruly as we get ready to embrace music that fuels him on an even deeper level.

Congratulations on the release of “Te Amo.” The vibes emitted in “Te Amo,” are definitely next level. Could you please tell us about your collaboration with topboypoison and how you came to work together?

Thank you! So pretty much Topboy and I are good friends in person so setting everything up wasn’t that hard to manage. It all happened when I had heard a song with him and one of my other close friends “JT5K” of JT’s Project called “How Bout Now” and really enjoyed the vibes and the whole production of the song these two had created. I’ve always worked with JT so I knew what he was capable of, that’s family, Topboy though surprised me and just gave me a reason to HAVE to work with him somewhere down the line because he had a sound that was different and in my city not too many people be doing what are we doing everyone's kinda stuck in the same genre being trap stars or tryna be lyricists like cole and kdot ya feel me? So I hit up family told him I messed with the track he and my boy did (it was a Latin influence track like Te amó) and told him if he’s bout it. I got some music we should collab on cuz I feel like our chem would be just as cold and then the rest was wraps, we got like 3-4 songs in right now and got who knows how many more in the vault just waiting.

With a wide range of musical inspirations such as Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Dababy, and Tory Lanez to name a few; how have your musical inspirations influenced the melodies you create?

With all my influences and just my process of creating music, the people I listen to have a big impact kinda on how I want to present my sound in this case the melodies. For Te amó, 1 of my first sure influences for this track came from Tory Lanez, just the way how Tory approaches a beat and his vocal presence are what really has me like okay ‘this dude cold for real’ and especially with his Rnb tracks his melodies are so vibrant and just expressive and I think I did a great job bringing that same type of energy onto Te amó. With that said I had to tap into some of his Latin stuff to get a feel for how I wanted to mesh the two together because I didn’t wanna be generic and just say one or two lines or words in Spanish but also didn’t wanna front like I was super fluent and do a whole verse in it either so once I got that down and got the ideas for my melodies the rest was over, it was just a matter of how hype do I want this to sound now.

Could you please take us into the creative process of bringing “Te Amo” to life?

Te amó is based on a true event aha well more so it’s based upon someone that I met in life so this song technically is about them and kinda surrounds them, this was my take at a love song but not like the typical slow more chilled out loves songs I wanted to do something different and still keep the same vibe the same ideas but just make it more modern n uptempo. The funny thing about the track I had made the track back in like 2019 maybe even late 2018 but had only had just the hook recorded and was just going thru a heavy writer's block for that song specifically and the thing with me and music is I’ll never half-a** something or record or drop something I don’t like and that was the case with te amo, I kept writing down verse after verse but none of them were hitting like how I wanted or sounding nice too me until I had said F it let me add topboy in as an ft because originally the song was just gonna be me but I’m glad it wasn’t, having my dawg ft on it not only made us an amazing track but hearing his verse when he sent it back to me instantly motivated and inspired me to get that song done and everything just came together afterward. Y’all for real gotta thank Topboy for this song honestly he saved it from hitting the drafts lmao.

You mentioned that the music that you currently have out doesn’t reflect who you are as a person and an artist. What can we expect in the developing sound you have worked hard to craft?

Yeah, the music that I have out right now? Doesn’t properly represent who I am now as an artist and just me as a person fully. The music I have waiting in the vault though... I think everyone will like it and it definitely suits who “YoursTruly / YoursForever” is. With all that said though, the sound that I’ve been working on up til now really does suit the music I love to make but also show you the type of musical influences I have from all the different artist inspirations I have to even some different genres I’ve tried to step into as well. My thing is I don’t ever want people to tell me I was just a “blank type artist” or try and put me in a box or categorize me because I’m so much more versatile than I think people really understand, I can fr do almost anything if I got the drive and knowledge behind it, doesn’t matter what genre or what style if I’m feeling it I’m feeling it and just get into a real deep bag and go crazy. A lot of my music now though is more so about me and it tells a lot about who I am who I want to be what I’ve been thru or experienced and just different aspects of my life in general, I’m not the best at expressing myself to people in person but when it comes to opening up the easiest way I know how is thru the music and I feel that’s why the music I have now is just that much better than what’s out already, bc I’ve gotten deeper as an artist, I’ve matured more let's say.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

My biggest motivation for 2020 granted covid and everything is the fact that since we had a lockdown and could do nothing but sit in the house and just do you, I had nothing but time and time to myself and told myself if you are gone put in any work now is the time to go stupid, you can’t leave the crib you can’t go to work you can’t go anywhere, you have no excuse to grind n grind n grind till you can’t think anymore, so during quarantine, I was going stupid my work ethic started rising my procrastination started going away I was really just sick and tired of my position musically and felt I was letting my family down my fans down the people that believe in me down and myself down and I couldn’t have that. 2020 has been one of the most productive years for me musically if not THE most productive tbh, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished and what I’ve done but it’s still not nowhere close to enough or close to what I know I’m truly capable of, but again, I’m always hungry, I’m always working, can’t nobody tell me I ain’t destined to go far or that I don’t deserve this so until y’all see me as GOAT I ain’t did not a damn thing yet, and I’m just only getting started. ~YoursTruly