Yovng1k Shows off His Fresh Originality in “Dash”

Nowadays, originality is highly important if you want to make it in the music industry. Yovng1k is much aware of this and he showcases it in his single “Dash”. His sound is unique but it’s still trendy enough to cater to this current culture of hip-hop. His bars are tough and his wordplay is immaculate. Yovng1k demonstrates personality through his cadence. His writing style was whimsical as he gives you tons of quality metaphors that not only are quotable for your social media captions, but they’re memorable enough to be repeated later. “Dash” had a banging beat that many people can play on their stereos and just vibe out with the record. Dash reveals the creativity and authenticity in Yovng1k artistry through his delivery, the arrangement, and the songwriting itself.

Yovng1k generated a catchy hit that can be replayed due to how enjoyable the aesthetic and elements of the song were. “Dash” will gain high traction and buzz on not only the record itself but Yovng1k as an artist because you’re instantly intrigued by what the song and the creator have to offer. The way Yovng1k invigorates his listener into his record “Dash” will immediately transform you into a long-lasting fan of his!

Listen to “Dash” by Yovng1k here!