Yozmit Releases the Most Ethereal Project, “Sun Moon Door”

Yozmit is the most intricate artist you will ever come across. A unique sound and complexed artistry, Yozmit will surely reel you in with her detailed records. How did we reach this observation? It was obvious in the album she recently released titled “Sun Moon Door”. In “Sun Moon Door”, Yozmit takes her listener into an entire cultural dimensional that you will remember. The album begins with the track “DogStar”. “DogStar” began with an ethereal instrumental introduction before the beat transitioned into a rhythmically driven and interesting arrangement that absorbs you into the album. “DogStar” was the perfect opener for the multi-faceted journey you will about to experience! Yozmit takes you into the next song “Kwang Kwang Ya Ya”. the staccato delivery in the hook was super dope and had a groove to the diction of it that makes it memorable and contagious.

“Hathor” was a nice addition to the album that stood out as opposed to the songs prior due to its contemporary pop elements mixed with the complex arrangement in the production. “Hathor” even had a nice vocal texture to complete it off, with the usage of light auto-tunes. “Massaman” was a song from “Sun Moon Door” that felt like an idiosyncratic club tune. The beat had every element you will find in a typical electronic-dance record that shows a super nice versatile aspect to Yozmit’s artistry. “DoYou” was a song that stood out highly to us. The intro of the record had a unique dialogue with a theatrical and cinematic production that climaxed into an atmospheric elevation that leaves you floating into the song. The title of this record stood out to me due to the reflection of Yozmit’s DoYou project.

In Yozmit’s opinion, DOYOU means ‘Do’ ing ‘You’- a process of becoming fully self-realized and acting upon self-identity. DOYOU is a mantra to shift power from external conformity to internal realization using art as a tool of healing. Through her ritualistic performance art, Yozmit combines theater, dance, pop culture, fashion, gender identity, mythology, and shamanism onto a single canvas. By now, Yozmit has completely given us a clear understanding of the entire aesthetic of this album. In the single “Prajina Paramita” the song was completely sung in acapella without any backtrack instrumental. Instead, Yozmit gave us full-on dialogue that felt like a unique ritualistic chant. In her record “A Girl Named Thomas”, this song had a nice storytelling vibe that stripped away the musicality component and reeled us in with this magical and enchanting story. The next song to transition into this album was “Sun Moon Door”, the exact title of the album so we expected this song to reflect a lot on the project’s theme! This song combines incantational world music, electronica, and multi-lingual lyrics which is influenced by a wide array of musical genres.

“Sound of New” was a nicely textured song that had a different elemental arrangement to the record. Closing this album off, was the song “Stairways”. “Stairways” had nice worldly sound fx that created this dream-like atmosphere alongside a beautiful melody played by the piano that sets the tone for a more dramatic and sad mood. “Stairways” was very instrumental based, and served as a great closer to a very experimental album that took you on an unforgettable journey.