Zac Offers the Exuberantly Luscious Single "Fading"

Hailing from London, UK is ambient-driven artist Zac. Zac is the kind of artist that feels very bold and driven by his music. You'll hear this within the melodies presented within his tracks, the venues he prefers to play at, as well as the themes embedded into the product of his sound. Zac is an artist that has absolute character, which is displayed through his recent collection of music.

Zac's latest track release, "Fading," combines such fun and spirited melodies inspired heavily by the Latin and Arabic music scene. Zac gives listeners an exotic experience, where luscious and vibrant rhythms are brought to the greatest type of light. Even more, the track brings about an almost dramatic feel, amplifying the sultry mood the single so faintly brings out. "Fading" puts its listeners through a vivid journey, and its storyline offers emotionality regarding authentic hardships and life experiences. Zac puts effort into the style he incorporates into his music. Along with the intended message of the track, he's able to effortlessly expand the feeling its production is able to impart to listeners. These aspects are what honestly makes his overall sound feel incredibly attractive. In the end, "Fading" was a feel-good kind of track in our books, and we're anticipating more of these alluring creations from Zac.

Discover "Fading" by Zac here

Welcome, Zac! Your latest single "Fading" debuted, and it featured such a smooth blend of varying influences. Can you explain more on the vision that ensued for the style of this track, particularly the style it mainly embeds?

Thank You! The idea for the track was to create something catchy but with a twist. I wanted to explore mixing musical influences of my Eastern cultural background with western musical styles. I believe this is a genre of music that hasn’t been tapped into very much - this “East-West” fusion. And so I mixed a western dance beat with Arabic and Oriental influences, as heard by the Asian pan flute and the Oriental guitar with traditional percussions lightly drumming away in the back.

There's most definitely a feel-good element that "Fading" captures. How would you describe the way you write and record songs such as "Fading" to ensure that stimulating emotion is passed onto your listeners successfully?

In my opinion, I believe that emotional stimulation derives first and foremost from the power behind the lyrics. So I started the song by building moving imagery portrayed by the words as the foundation of this project. The words created an atmosphere - a mood. This mood was the basis for how the music would develop and I tried to replicate this through the sounds the listeners can hear all the while keeping a catchy rhythm that helps move the track along.

Are there any venues you're hoping to play in the future? Where have been previous venues that you've truly played at that you feel further inspired you as an artist?

I have been fortunate enough to have performed at some of the most prestigious venues around the world as part of a vocal group, from the Vatican and the Royal Albert Hall in London to the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. Performing at such venues had provided me with an unforgettable experience and drive to further my career. Looking to the future as an up and coming artist, I would love to perform at the O2 Arena as I expand my audiences to have the opportunity to perform in countries all around the world.

Where do you hope to take the product of your sound within the rest of 2020?

Regarding the remainder of 2020, I have another track in its final works which I hope to release very soon and during the meantime, the goal is to develop my audience engagement and producing more songs that everyone would connect to build a stronger fan following.

It's just the beginning and I would love you all to be part of the journey.