Zach Seals Creates An Artistic Chaos In Debut Single “Exi$tential Cri$i$”

Originally from Baltimore, Maryland but now attending Berklee College, is the talented singer/songwriter and composer Zach Seals. The gifted 21 year old prides himself on making dramatic indie pop power ballads and sad bops that you can ironically dance to. Zach was able to write his debut single “Exi$tential Cri$i$” after his creative and sleepless mind hadn’t rested for 30 hours. “Exi$tential Cri$i$” was produced by Davin Kingston and is available on all streaming platforms!

“Exi$tential Cri$i$” is a powerful ballad by Zach Seals that feature an experimental mix of genres. From hard-hitting Beastie Boy vibes that transition into a Sam Smith, piano laden sounding hook. The brilliant chaos blends flawlessly to create a masterpiece. Let your mind escape to the mind-bending instrumentals and artistry that is “Exi$tential Cri$i$”. Zach Seals makes his explosive debut with this single and we can’t wait to see what he delivers next. His vocals are versatile and his music is mesmerizing and refreshing. With his debut EP “It Was Never That Deep” on the way next month, stay tuned for more from Zach Seals.

Check out “Exi$tential Cri$i$” here and keep scrolling for our interview with Zach Seals

Hi Zach! Can you start by telling us more about yourself and your upbringing?

Well I was born and raised in a suburb outside of Baltimore MD. I started singing when my mom signed me up for the church choir when i was 4 and it was game over since then. I immediately fell in love with music. My mom sung gospel at my local church and she was a huge influence in my immersion into music. The area a grew up in was a primarily white aflluent suburb and i felt very isolated and was bullied a lot growing up because i was the weird chubby black gay kid and music was always something that was there for me.In high school i did a lot of theatre and choir. My senior year of high school i ended up winning an award for songwriting from the National youngarts foundation. I went to Holland College my first 2 years of college before Transferring to Berklee in Boston where i currently reside.

What inspired you to start writing songs and creating this music?

I started writing songs when I was 12 to try and make sense of the life i was living and the world around me, It's always been a coping mechanism for me, and i started making this song in particular after 30 hrs of no sleep and finished writing and created a rough demo before passing tf out.

What is the meaning behind your single, “Exi$tential Cri$i$”?

This song is about my own personal experiences with mental illness,anxiety, mania, self destruction, suicidal ideation and just generally feeling like your life is spiraling out of your control and what it feels like in that moment when you feel almost totally apathetic towards the outcome of your life but a small part of you is aware of whats happening and is trying to exercise self preservation . Thats the reason why the perspective in the song changes between the verse and the chorus and the bridge. 

What artists inspire you?

Amy Winehouse,Lana Del Rey, Janis Joplin, Freddy Mercury, Sia, Lauryn Hill, the fugees, Rosalia,Lizzo, just to name a few but Amy and Lana are at the top of my pyramid.

What can listeners expect from your upcoming EP “It Was Never That Deep”?

Exi$tential Cri$i$ was the most experimental and intense track on the ep but the whole ep is intensely personal and varies very differently from song to song but it's primarily gonna be Dramatic indie pop power ballads and sad bops that you twerk to. Every song has it's own influences and i'm just excited to be finally releasing an ep after years of threatening to release music.


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