Zack Gross Lightens the Mood With “IDRK”

From Miami, Florida, Zack Gross was born to become a musician. Since age 5, he has been playing the piano, and eventually completed the piano preparatory program at the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music. Zack’s musical education didn’t stop there; he further proved his determination by studying classical piano at Rochester, New York’s Eastman School of Music. With a solid musical education and an openness to any genre, Zack Gross’ music knows no bounds.

He has just released a single that blends the best of his musical tastes into a delightful and uplifting song called “IDRK.” Zack Gross’ electronic single “IDRK” is a compilation of catchy melodies and youthful beats. Unlike a traditional electronic instrumental, the lively nature of “IDRK” makes it the type of song you could sing along to. The song’s lyrics consist of an auto-tuned, robotic-sounding voice singing the phrase “I don’t really know.” One of Zack Gross’ many talents is his musical versatility. Although “IDRK” is an electronic song, it could be played alongside any dance – from a two-step to a shuffle. Zack Gross’ playful lyrics and tone of “IDRK” take the pressure off and allow the song to be whatever the listener wants it to be.

Be sure to listen to "IDRK" here.