Zephyr Hypnotizes You With Their “Mad Blues”

Zephyr is a 3-piece electric power trio from riverside with tastes of psychedelia and blues tones. The band consists of the members Brandon Broglia, Daryus Gilmer, and Carlos Lopez.

Zephyr released their electrifying new hit single titled “Mad Blues” and this was everything I didn’t know I needed until now! I have to say, Zephyr certainly knows how to deliver a fire introduction that’s complemented with a climaxing build-up in anticipation.

The soulful components to the production of the blues in the bass instantly drew me in as a fan. Its colorful vocals that represented the psychedelic nature of this band was just the icing on the cake! “Mad Blues” is an escape song. It’s the record you listen to when you’re trying to get away from your daily boredom & stress. It’s the song that leads you into a different dimension of zany elements. “Mad Blues” is nothing like I ever heard before. This contextual song is equipped with unique sounds and everlasting factors. If you’re longing for a cinematically psychedelic song to get you through the day, “Mad Blues” is the single for you!

Listen to "Mad Blues" here and get to know more about Zephyr below!

What’s up ZEPHYR! We’re glad to have you on our platform. Talk to us about the formation of your band. How did you meet and how has the journey been developing your sound?

Thank you for having us! We appreciate these interesting questions. We met through a relation of common music. Our sound is still developing and we’re in the process of creating and recording our next EP. We don’t want to stay in the same place musically, but rather, evolve into something new and fresh through our ever-changing inspirations.

Who or what are some of your main inspirations and influences for your super radical style?

Each of us has our own uniquely different inspirations, but we’re mutually influenced by artist such as Jimi Hendrix, Sweet Smoke, Morgen, The Doors, and many more. We’re influenced by all.

“Mad Blues” really hypnotizes its listener. Talk to us about the production of this record. Any challenges faced?

It was a great experience tracking Mad Blues and the rest of the songs on our first EP. We recorded at Kingsize Soundlabs in Los Angeles, recorded/mixed/mastered by Jimmy Rayn, along with our EP cover art by Janine Cruz. It was our first time really getting in a professional studio. Some of the challenges faced were time management, using different equipment, and trying to perfect the songs the way we hear them.

How does “Mad Blues” represent ZEPHYR? What’s the most fulfilling element to this song for you as a band?

Mad Blues represents where we were at musically at the time, along with its unique and exotic atmosphere. The most fulfilling element to this song would have to be the piano and bass line, along with the Death Whistle you hear screaming in the intro to Mad Blues

We’re sure you’re bound for even greater measured success! What’s the main dream for you ZEPHYR?

The main dream for us is to have total creative freedom in the studio to experiment, evolve, and try new sounds. We also dream of going on tour, reaching a wider audience, and connecting people through our music. We want to reach universal inspirations and individual awakening globally.


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