408 and The Things We Were Light Our Fire With Their Latest Single, "Watch It Burn"

Hailing from Orlando, Florida, the fiery 4-piece 408 teams up with quartet The Things We Were to release a hefty and relatable single with, "Watch It Burn."

Socially and politically charging their music to take note of our current times, 408 and The Things We Were offer their blistering Pop Punk approach while allowing listeners to relate with their heavy lyrical themes.

Their latest single, "Watch It Burn," features the blazing likes of 408 and The Things We Were, as the two bands set sail into the fire with their lyricism regarding the feeling of watching the world as you know it burns to the ground. Through both bands' heated instrumentals, we can feel the vigor and passion that 408 and The Things We Were have infused into this hit. 

"Watch It Burn" begins with blazing rhythm guitar, stinging electric guitar, and punchy drum patterns offering the song it's quickly-paced rhythm. As 408's Mark Faroudi begins vocalizing with immense energy and power, he sings lyrics of watching your days pass before your eyes and creating a life for oneself only to have it ripped apart at the seams. 

Around halfway through the track, 408 and The Things We Were offer a warm instrumental breakdown, dropping the tempo down for listeners to take in what both bands provide, lyrically and sonically. Picking the pace back up for the outro hook, we feel at peace within this heated single as 408 and The Things We Were remind us that we're not alone. 

"Watch It Burn" is an incredibly passionate and conceptual single that not only offers fire through 408 and The Things We Were's instrumentals but somehow soothes the soul with an overall relatable message.