A Touching Story From Aroc Has Us in Awe

Aroc is a Hip-Hop artist who started his name off with his brand and movement called, Everybody Workin, which led to him selling merchandise and soon lead to the funding of Everybody Workin Records. Recently Aroc released his deeply personal single “To Whom It May Concern” and it is an emotional love story based on a true story. Instantly while listening we are given massive old school vibes that have so much raw emotion and energy.

Despite the nostalgic feeling to “To Whom It May Concern”, there is an underlying almost tragic story behind it that we dare not to spoil and leave it up to the listener to discover it - it is something incredibly touching and beautiful. We are loving how Aroc master-crafts the lyrics to continuously tell a story and keep painting a vivid picture that is only complete once the song ends. This release features R&B vocal licks, almost bluesy guitar lines, an old school kinda dirty kinda heavy drum kit, plucky little synths, and Aroc’s wonderful performance that almost feels like a dynamic spoken word. This release is an evolving story with a beginning, middle, and end, and has us constantly listening for what is going to happen next. We can’t wait to hear what else Aroc will be putting out there for us.

Discover Aroc and his music here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic, Aroc! Your latest single “To Whom It May Concern” is quite an emotional rollercoaster; this being based on a true story, was it ever hard for you to write up and put the whole story together as lyrics and show it to the world?

Nah not really cause I drew a lot of parts from different real-life situations and just put them together to paint a picture everyone could feel.

We are loving the super old school vibe behind the instrumental, was the backing beat created before the lyrics, or was it the other way around? What was the process like to create it?

4sho, the beat was made prior to my writing to it. It actually was sent to me after I made a tweet on twitter saying I was accepting beats from the producer, lmg, out of Ohio.

So one night late as hell at the crib rolling up some gas and turned the beat up. The hook was the first thing I worked on and it came to me, "Gotta treat'er good that's all she asks" and I kept vibing to it, it was wrap I got in a zone immediately lol. Then like a week or so later I went to the lab with my bro, J manifest, cause he go put that damn sauce on the mix and we perfected the track, came up with "To Whom It May Concern"

It’s quite impressive to have such an established brand with Everybody Workin, what was it like to get that brand up and running and then to transition into it now also being a record label? What kinds of challenges and lessons did you face along the way?

Coming up hustling every day, that was something I would utter every day around da trap riding through da streets with my bros, Everybody is working, if you don't work you don't eat let's get this bread. Then everybody started saying too, that's how I knew everybody could relate to it. So it caught across Rocky Mount, NC then spread across NC. At the time it wasn't many if any established brands where we were from. So then came the merchandise which, was ultimately my intro to the fashion side of the game. The merchandise and music complimented each other. Got the paperwork and business right expeditiously. From then to now the brand is an established company. From champagne to liquor deals, we know how to structure it and seal that deal. We doing all this independently no backing just pure hustle and focusing on the business. You know far as music the money off that comes later especially because things streaming now and the deals we work are more direct along with the clothing, direct sales, and marketing. 

With this release being incredibly emotional, is there a type of message or person that you’re hoping that this song will resonate with most?

Preciate you for that, I write all my music with a message in it. 

The message really likes it says to treat your significant other rights whether man or woman. Always uplift them every chance you get. I want it to resonate with everybody who can relate to it. Plus everybody thinks I only do trap and strip club music, so this was different from me but ima versatile artist I get money from all angles.