Ace Blizzy Makes It All Look “Easy”

Rising from the hot grounds of San Diego, California, Ace Blizzy brings a mesh of lifted melodies, scorching bars, and profound substance to a new wave. Currently residing in Brooklyn, New York, Ace has been able to create well-blended music with an unforgettable vibe digestible for all audiences globally.

Ace Blizzy premieres the single “Easy” featuring the artist Jay Isaiah, and it was everything and more. This vibe record has a smooth-sailing texture surrounding the RnB and trap beat. The dynamics of the vocals were mellow and laid-back. This created a more chilled mood instead of something more energetic and upbeat. The tempo moved in a connected-legato manner to match the fluent air-flow of the vocalist. The hook was addicting and the lyrics were catchy. “Easy” popped and had a sense of personality, regardless of the aura of the song feeling more relaxed. I was a big fan of the melody of the record. I started to sing along with the hook and enjoy the lyrics on a more personal level. Ace Blizzy is the perfect artist to stride alongside the new aged RnB movement, while still remaining in his own authentic lane. We’re anticipating what Ace Blizzy will release next!

Listen to "Easy" here and get to know more about Ace Blizzy below!

What’s up Ace! Knowing you’re from San Diego but also resides in New York, which environment do you believe impacted your style of music more and why?