Adrian Jauregui Gives Us a Profoundly Groovy New Single, "No Brainer"

Whether he is releasing Soul-infused R&B singles under the parasol of electronic-pop, or bent-out EDM summer classics with a tropical shade, the California based producer Adrian Jauregui is recognized by a musical catalog rooted in robust toplines, warm suggestive vibes, and a reliably articulate hand in everything he touches. 

Over an eddying bassline and tight weaved drum patterns, Adrian Jauregui's rising vocals meet and intermingle with his female featurettes in the chorus. It's especially highlighted as her soft passion wrap us around her finger like a string while she yearns over a no-brainer infatuation: "It shouldn't be that hard, to stay, it wouldn't be that hard of a choice, for me," she sings, her breaths emanating a deep desire over the words. "It would be a no brainer to me," she sings, as her soothing hymns synergize and blend together with Adrian Jauregui's addictive topline harmonies in the chorus and throughout—reinstating the potential this emerging artist continues to show.

All of these elements synergize and work over-time on "No Brainer," a silky indication of Mr. Jauregui's command over his tone as he recruits the assistance of whimsical acoustic guitars that bend in tuning—as if Adrian is messing with the tape machine himself—highlighting the crisp texture this track radiates naturally. The song ultimately breathes and expands into a mesmeric, vibe inducing sectionals, brimming with a foxy groove that buckles you at the knees. The saturated vocal harmonies, and a healthy bassline top it off, facilitating in disarming us entirely, so the full weight of this track can hammer down.

Adrian Jauregui is surely steering for the number one spot on our summertime playlists with "No Brainer," and like the jack of all trades he resembles, Adrian packs this song with enough all-encompassing sensuality and engagement to give his fool-proof R&B recipe a pleasing contour.

Listen to "No Brainer" here.

Hello Adrian and a big welcome to BuzzMusic. When did you know that music would be a passion you needed to pursue in life? 

Music production has always been a passion of mine. It all began at the age of ten in East Los Angeles while attending the Los Angeles Music and Arts School. Originally, I started my career as a percussionist, and I just evolved musically towards learning other skills such as singing, songwriting, and producing. I grew up in a household of musical talents, I would watch my brother DJ and hear my sister sing. My father was a professional musician which makes me feel connected that I can continue something that means a lot to myself and my family.

Do you feel Oakland holds a critical place in developing your sound and character as an artist? And can you expand on some of those influences?

Oakland has treated me beyond well since I’ve moved up here in early January 2020 from Southern California, it’s such a beautiful city with so much culture, art, and diversity. This city has influenced my sound towards R&B/Pop. When I moved up here pre-COVID, during my nightlife outings I would hear nothing but R&B and or Hip-hop at the clubs, local bars, and restaurants. I began recording at a local studio that would host artist such as Kehlani,

G-Eazy, H.E.R, and E-40 which triggered my curiosity towards R&B/Hip-hop. Experimenting with R&B and Hip-hop is a genre completely out of my element however, a sound I’m confident with my vocal range. I look forward to working with artists within this genre to expand my network and creativity.

You have such a dynamic range in your voice, is this something that has come naturally to you, or did this take time to emerge?

Honestly, I feel comfortable singing in most vocal ranges however, acknowledge the fact that I need to practice daily. I’m fortunate to have mentors that push and challenge my vocal/genre rage. Every day I test myself and love to download random music to attempt to harmonize or vocal match the artist. To work out my brain, I also love singing in Spanish and French.

With all the chaos that has unfolded so far this year, is there anything you're most excited about diving into or developing further? Namely, in ways, you choose to promote yourself or how you approach writing?

Quarantine has been very eventful. Sheltering in place has given me the ability to improve my songwriting and producing skills. Since most festivals and shows have been canceled, it has also allowed me to work remotely with other artists. Honestly, it is a blessing in disguise to focus on self-awareness, Mental Health, and experiment with different sounds. I look forward to branding my image, improving my songwriting, and creating quality music.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020? What can we expect to see from you next?

At the moment, I am analyzing my fan base and considering planning a mini-tour while traveling the country in 2021. In fact, I have my eyes set on Europe as most of my fan base is located there. Currently, I am working on my new EP “Voice Notes” in which I have a few special guest performances and DJs that will be featured on this project. To conclude, I feel like the best is yet to come and I cannot wait to share this with everyone this year.