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Akeria Shows Us That She Is The Next Raptress In The Game!

Straight out of Raleigh, North Carolina is the unique voice combined with refreshing lyricism to deliver a new coming face into the hip-hop game! Her name? Akeria, and we hope you can get comfortable hearing that name because I’m sure we will hear more from her!  Akeria released her single titled “Phase Me” on all platforms, and we checked it out on her YouTube and was thoroughly impressed with the star quality we saw! Starting from the vocals, Akeria has this light sensual quality alongside a lot of sass to complete it! She could deliver her melodic hook in a feisty manner while projecting a flow that emphasized on the diva nature of her persona! If you watched the music video released to “Phase Me” you will see how Akeria showcased her charisma and personality throughout the entire visual. With a summer type vibe supported by poolside outfits and scenes of her wearing swimwear, we were able to adjust the idea of “Phase Me” being a digestible and festive hit. Akeria is the epitome of a rising star who can create major waves in the game with her versatile and dynamic energy.

Check out Akeria's "Phase Me" on Spotify and scroll below for the artists exclusive interview with BuzzMusic!

Hi Akeria! It's great to chat with you. Can you tell us a little bit about your upbringing?

I grew up an only child. This left so much room for imagination and from a very young age I was writing short stories, poems, and songs. While I’m from Raleigh, I also spent a good portion of my childhood growing up in Johnston County(JoCo). I never felt that i truly fit in with either scene. In the city(Raleigh), my peers considered me an “Oreo.” In the country(JoCo), I was the “token black girl” amidst a majority white community. These two opposing experiences definitely play a part in the artist that I am today. My hope is that by relating to my music, people can relate to one another and realize they aren’t so different after all.         

When you started writing “Phase Me” what was the vision you had for the song? What's the meaning behind it to you?

Phase me was literally a vent session in the form of music for me. I wanted to say all that I could in one place to any one that ever doubted me or went out their way to try and make me feel less than or unworthy. 

Favorite lyric line in the song? Why?

Favorite line would have to be, “Gotchu fishin, now you gutted - that’s the hook in me.” The same folks that try to put you down can’t help themselves & always come back around to see what’s going on in your life- with me, it’ll always be better than expected which is the LAST thing a hater wants to see!

Do you have any influences on your style? If so who and why?

I will say that I was influenced by Eve and Lauryn Hill . I love their story telling capabilities and the fact that they can make great music without having to be overly sexual with their words or their image. 

What's next for you through 2019?

The rest of 2019 for me will be about getting in the booth and creating more content and continuing to hone my craft. 


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