Alex Kautz Compels His Listeners With His Captivating Vocal Delivery In "Chemical Kids"

Eclectic-sounding artist Alex Kautz is making some pretty serious waves with his most recent music. Alex's sound captures mysterious, sultry and alluring tones within his music, and projects his authentic self to his audience in the process. As an Alternative artist, you can't expect the same with Alex Kautz. His sound is incredibly diversified, each track giving you a different kind of passion and intimacy. We know we can't ever be disappointed with the sound offerings of Alex Kautz, and his most recent single "Chemical Kids" is officially our favorite song of the week!

"Chemical Kids" is a sound that is both invigorating and mellow, simultaneously. We are definitively captivated by the unique vocal delivery of Alex, and astounded by the production of the track. The beats integrate within Alex's vocals as if they were especially curated by the sound Gods. We love the contemporary aspect to Alex's track "Chemical Kids", as he definitely captures a type of sound we wish we heard more often in Alternative music. "Chemical Kids" is definitely that type of diverse-sounding track that can trip you out for sure (if you're in a certain mindset). With his signature dark and alluring resonance, Alex Kautz is switching up the Alternative/Indie game with his releases, and "Chemical Kids" is definitely a modern and unfamiliar sound you'll come to love!

Check out "Chemical Kids" here, and keep reading for Alex Kautz interview with BuzzMusic!

Welcome back to the BuzzMusic community! Tell us more about you and how you developed as an artist!

Hi & Thank you! I'm 24 years old from Dallas, Texas. I've been singing & writing songs my whole life. Finally, I am releasing the fully-functioning EP of my dreams!

What was the integral message within your latest track "Chemical Kids"?

Chemical Kids is kind of like my own personal anthem. It's about letting go, finding yourself, and always working hard to reach your dreams. Also, drugs.

When we first gave a listen to "Chemical Kids", we were completely drawn to the eclectic sound of your music. What kind of atmosphere do you try to develop for your listeners when curating music?

I'm so proud of this single because it's a project that my producer, Christopher Lynn Shelton, & I had a lot of fun with. With Chemical Kids, we aimed to create an atmosphere that felt brand new, but familiar at the same time. I'm inspired by Amy Winehouse, Marilyn Manson, RuPaul, Gaga, Cher... all of the classic eclectic icons. At the moment, I'm loving Billie Eilish & Kim Petras.

Would you say that your music is a big reflection of your personal life and experiences?

Absolutely!! I think of my music as "A New Spin on the Classic Tale". I'm a sucker for nostalgia & spend a lot of time in reflection mode. I re-create my memories, but musically... & my narrative always comes with a sick twist.

What do you think you'll be up to next in the music scene? Releasing any new singles?

In the final frame of Chemical Kids, I teased this French phrase, "ils se nourrissent de mauvaises habitudes"  howboutdat?


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