Alexandra Beck Investigates "Mixed Signals" In a New Single

Stirring our souls by way of Vancouver, Canada, singer-songwriter and r&b/soul recording artist Alexandra Beck releases her passionate and gripping single, "Mixed Signals."

Alexandra Beck is a fun-loving and stage-devoted performer who never fails to capture an audience's undivided attention. The Vancouver-based recording artist has performed on various big stages across North America, and for much of 2021, she's been hard at work in the studio creating her debut album.

Recently releasing her fiery and passionate release, "Mixed Signals," Alexandra Beck said that she's more than grateful to have worked alongside such a talented and dedicated producer and songwriter like the Grammy-nominated Roy Hamilton III. Alexandra Beck also mentioned that the new release perfectly represents where she's headed as an artist. So, without further ado, let's dive into the latest release.

Hitting play on the single, "Mixed Signals," the track kicks off with Alexandra Beck's powerful and profound vocals alongside a warm and robust piano melody that sets the song's bouncy, rhythmic, and soulful tone. As she begins to sing of a past lover giving her mixed signals in terms of where they're headed and where they stand, Alexandra Beck reminds herself that all he really wanted was her body, a sadly relatable tale.

This song somehow reminds us of Amy Winehouse; there's something about Alexandra Beck's gripping vocal stylings paired with her brass and piano instrumentals that give us all the attitude, sass, ad power we could asf for. As we continue moving and grooving through the song's heavy atmosphere, we make our way to the outro while Alexandra Beck closes the song on a note of reflection and contemplation.

Clarify those "Mixed Signals" with Alexandra Beck's latest soulful single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Alexandra Beck. We want to start by saying how moved we were after listening to your latest single, "Mixed Signals." What inspired you to write such an emotional and honest song like this?

I honestly was so desperately hurt and angry after I fell for a guy who I thought was so perfect. He ended up being so good and sneaky at deceiving me into believing he wanted to love and a life with me but couldn't commit when things started to get more serious. I feel like us Millennial, and Gen Z women have to put up with a lot more b$llsh%t dating men these days than women have historically ever experienced. I just wanted to reflect on conversations many of us women have together and place the topic out in the atmosphere in a song. We, women, are sick of sickly smart f*%k boys. Like can't they just be upfront if you want casual sex or a relationship? These guys don't need to trick young women into having casual sex - honestly, say what you want so fewer feelings are hurt! The worst part is our generation of women is particularly smart, independent, and confident! We deserve so much better! Controversial, I know - but it needs to be said.

What was it like working alongside such an experienced and devoted producer/songwriter like Roy Hamilton III for "Mixed Signals? How did he help execute the vision you had in mind?

Roy's main role in Mix Signals was mixing & mastering a beat from an anonymous beat maker for the song. Roy is just amazing at balancing all the levels so none of the layers outshine the others. He really has a gift for mixing- and really helped me execute the dark vibe & sound I wanted for this song. I worked on this song virtually with Roy(he lives in Toronto, I work out of a studio in Vancouver), but in the past, I have recorded vocals in the booth with Roy. He's so crazy good at creating a vocal comp that I don't even need to go and say "hey I liked that take better." It's like he read my mind about which takes were my fave.

Most importantly, Roy is an incredible person who really believes in my vision and my music- he makes me feel so comfortable to do what I want, and he lets me be creative/my own boss! He is one of the most humble people I have ever met in my life. Considering Roy's achievements and accolades, he could be talking himself up for hours - but he's not in it for that - he just loves the music. Roy's role in the project significantly helped my mental health when I was hurting a lot with personal baggage at the beginning of this project. He reassured me he would help me get focused, centered, and finish my music.

How long did it take you to finalize your lyrical content for "Mixed Signals?" Was it easy for you to write about your experience with troubled love?

I wrote the chorus very quickly in one night when I just had a feeling. The lead vocal melody and the lyrics came to me at the same time- which is rare! I usually hum out my melodies, journal a bit about a feeling, and then add lyrics based on the journal entry. I finalized the whole song's lyrics within a couple of days after that first chorus. The strongest songs I always feel are the fastest to write because they inspire me the most. I found it easy to write about because my lyrics are honestly exactly what I felt- I didn't feel the need to search for any cryptic meanings, or symbolism, etc.

How does "Mixed Signals" represent where you're headed as an artist? Should we expect sassy, soulful, and powerful r&b tracks like this in the future?

Oh wow, what a lot of kind words to hear from you guys! This song is probably the most soulful of all the songs I have ever written. That being said, all the songs I'm currently working on are in similar production and R&B sound vein for sure! My sassiness reflected in this song honestly best reflects my personality and bubbliness in real life. Also, power is where I find pride as a vocalist. As women, we are told to be quiet, more feminine in our speech, and more controlled. So for me singing with power makes me feel so empowered as a woman.

What's next for you?

Mixed Signals is the first single from my debut album that I'm working hard on finishing right now! So stay tuned for full-length work from me ASAP! I want to move to LA to pursue music when my career is at a level where I can get an artist visa to live in the United States! It's a huge & very difficult goal of mine that I know I will achieve one day in the near future.