Alfie Templeman Provides Listeners With a Groovy Ensemble and Even Groovier Mixes

Remember Bedfordshire's Alt/Pop artist Alfie Templeman? Well, it's about time you remember this artist and what it is he's all about. Alfie brings contemporary collections to light alongside his potent alternative feel. There's almost a sultriness embedded into the vocal sound that Alfie Templeman effortlessly delivers. He allows listeners to feel in a state of harmony and transcendence with his combinations of electronic, grunge, pop, and psychedelia. You'll hardly get the impression that Alfie Templeman is emphatic because his entire persona and character elicits such composure and tranquillity.

The production of Alfie Templeman's tracks is another aspect of his music that we find ourselves always in the mood for. Maybe that's the grace of alternative productions. However, the melodies projected into Alfie's tracks bring a strong sense of texture. We're predominantly hooked in with the ambiance Alfie Templeman provides. No matter which track he releases, we're fully expecting an ambiance easy to lay back and take in. That's what Alfie Templeman is all about--providing quality tracks that offer this genuine atmosphere for listeners to bask themselves in. Whichever property it is you're looking for in Alfie Templeman's music, chances are you'll find it if you're an alternative music lover. This is what primarily adds to our anticipation of future music by this dynamically-driven artist. We can only say that we're patiently awaiting a full-blown album in the prospective future.

Congratulations on your EP release! 'Happiness In Liquid Form' serves many different themes within each track, did you have a particular concept that you wanted to stand out within the project's entirety?

Cheers! It’s weird, I never went for a concept but it ended up kinda having one without me realizing after I made it. If you listen from start to finish it starts off really joyful then ends quite depressingly, but if you loop it it’s like a never-ending cycle of emotion!

Seeing as half of the EP 'Happiness In Liquid Form' was released as singles prior to the entire EP, how long were these songs in your repertoire for? Which track needed the most tweaking before its release? 

First song recorded was Happiness. That was last August. Nothing really needed tweaking, it was more that I just waited some time to put it out as I’d only just released a 7 track EP last November.

What was your inspiration for the instrumentals on the EP? Did you have any influences that helped your ideas flow, or was it all based on your own unique sound? 

Maybe This Is Time was influenced by Somebody Made For Me by Emitt Rhodes. I wanted to make something with that scaley ascending and descending guitar thing. Then of course MBF was a nod to Finneas and Billie, Things I Thought was a Charlie Puth kinda track and then you got a bunch of funky ones that’s me saying thanks to Niles Rodgers for being the best.

You're only 17-years-old, yet you have the sound of someone who's been around for much longer. Why do you think your music is so relatable to people of many different ages?

Thanks! It’s probably because the music I listen to is very broad, I listen to anything really. So I think that reflects in my music and I end up making something for everyone somehow.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

Isolation kinda helps sometimes. So I didn’t mind lockdown. I’m not the social type really, I hate most recording studios and do everything 90% by myself because I can’t often sing or play instruments in front of people often. So I guess isolation inspired me in lockdown!!

What can we expect to see next from you?

I have no clue, to be honest. But that’s how I like to keep it. I’m gonna surprise you and maybe put out an album!