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Allan Robinson Is a Paris-Based DJ/Producer Who Is Shaping the Canvas for This Summer's Hottest Hits

Allan Robinson presents his most intoxicating music with a lush, velvety haze, enamoring us with a lustful saxophone drenched in an electric fog of a summery vibe. The one-off "Touches of Summer," is his first single to advertise his arrival in the music scene this year and his most straightforward love letter to summer yet. The trailing, impressionistic electronics and energetic percussion found on this track are highlighting similarities between Allan Robinson's creative expression and house music's nostalgic, generous sense of warmth and relaxation. Tenderly bumping drums and gleaming guitar strums immerse you in the song's serene atmosphere. The use of creatively sampled vocals braided together with Robinson's crooning use of the saxophone highlights to form a unity as fortifying as his hold on the house music structure. As his verses build on the use of crisp melodies and useful sustain of the drenched delays while crystalline guitar chimes wash over us endlessly. Before long, the song's shape dissolves, just as quickly as it emerged, and we're left dreaming for more. With this song, Robinson is expertly replicating the sensation of waking up in the morning under your favorite blanket with the sun beaming over your face, tucking you into the deepest pocket of warmth and repose.

Listen to "Touches of Summer" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Allan! We're deeply mesmerized by your sound--you have such a deep understanding of your genre. Can you tell us more about the inspirations behind "Touches of Summer"? 

Great talking to you! Actually it's funny because it kind of came out of nowhere. I usually go for tracks with a higher tempo and so this slower, kind of chill-out sound was unfamiliar territory. But one day this friend of mine asked me "Why don't you do something that sounds relaxed and feels like summer ?". So I just started going through my guitar samples and I found the one you can hear on the record, after that the ideas just kept coming and a few days later the record was finished! As I was working on the track, my main focus was creating an energy that felt and sounded like summertime.

What has been the most notable milestone example of your growth as a producer so far?

I would say the first track I thought I had properly finished, and especially the average reaction it got from people around me. I was so excited about having fully produced an original record but when my friends listened to it, I realized it wasn't bad but it was far from being as good as I wanted it to be. That frustration made me spend twice as much time learning and studying other high-quality producers before diving into another record. It was a disappointing but very instructive moment to live.

When you think about the artists who have influenced your style with their music, who do you consider to be the most meaningful to you earliest in life?

The first electronic music artist I really got into was David Guetta. I know it may sound bad to some but his ability to make hit songs every time just blew my mind. He can blend different artists from different cultures into one powerful anthem and that for me is just outstanding. His ability to make the world dance is just pure inspiration to me.

Thank you for spending this time with us here at BuzzMusic! We've enjoyed reviewing your newest single and can't wait to hear more from you! Is there anything we should keep an eye out for with regards to new releases from you coming this year?

Since this is my first year as a "full-time" producer, I will be releasing as much as I can. The next few tracks will be more progressive house/dance house driven but I enjoyed so much making Touches of Summer you can definitely expect a few more slow-paced records, especially with summer just around the corner!



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