Alyssa O'Toole Finds Love in an Unexpected Place, a "Silver Hearse"

Hailing from Staten Island, New York, singer-songwriter and versatile recording artist Alyssa O'Toole releases a modern heartfelt ballad entitled "Silver Hearse."

If there's one thing we can count on, it's that Alyssa O'Toole will stop at nothing until she leaves the listener feeling inspired. Always striving to be remembered for the impact of inspiring and encouraging others to be themselves, Alyssa O'Toole finds her motivation to lift others through genuine life experiences.

Alyssa O'Toole recently released her groovy and passionate single, "Silver Hearse," which helps us peel back another personal and heartfelt layer of the 22-year-old recording artist. The song captures equal amounts of devotion, relief, and modernity, especially through the contemporary pop/alternative production and instrumentation that lifts the track to new, groovy levels.

Elaborating on the new single, "Silver Hearse," the tune kicks off with a plucky electric guitar alongside a melodic lead guitar paired with Alyssa O'Toole's soft and airy vocal stylings. As we transition into the first verse, the sonics set the sweet tone with an upbeat drum arrangement and faint keyboard melodies alongside several spacey and refreshing synth arrangements.

Listening to Alyssa O'Toole's heartfelt lyricism, she takes us by the hand and leads us down a path towards the love she deserves while touching on the thoughts that haunted her mind until meeting the one she's yearned for. This song is like a breath of fresh air, and we couldn't be happier to feature such a desirous, emotional, passionate, and groovy piece like this.

Start looking for love in the places you'd never expect with help from Alyssa O'Toole's latest single, "Silver Hearse," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Alyssa O'Toole. We love the relaxed groove and heartfelt approach within your latest single, "Silver Hearse." What inspired you to create this honest and passionate piece?

I remember one night, just sitting in my basement thinking to myself "Damn, I really don't think I belong here. I feel like I left earth over a thousand times." I felt that even though all that I was feeling, I wasn't getting any outcomes that I truly deserved. Life seemed to be getting more difficult the more I was trying to make things work. I know now that what's mine is already there, I don't have to try, force, chase, or stress my path. Once I fully surrendered to God's plan, I felt love. This was a love I knew I had to share through my music.

What's the significance of the song title, "Silver Hearse"? Does this silver hearse symbolize anything in particular?

The name "Silver Hearse" felt right. When I was writing the song, that title came to me instantly. It gives off a bitter-sweet kind of vibe. It makes me feel like I was in the depths of space trying to find you, waiting here this whole time all for you to be in the Silver Hearse. So close, but so far.

What sort of atmosphere and vibe did you want the instrumentals and production to give off in "Silver Hearse"? Who helped bring the sonics to life?

I was going for an upbeat, carefree, nostalgic kind of style. I want my listeners to feel the bitter-sweetness of waiting patiently for something or someone that doesn't even exist. It comes from within. I wanted this track to give listeners a chance to go within and vibe out to wherever the music takes you. This wouldn't be possible without the help of my producer/engineer. I had a very supportive team while making this project.

How do songs like "Silver Hearse" represent you and help us get to know you better? What impact do you hope to make with songs like this?

My music represents emotions, memories, and connections. My songs symbolize the authenticity of who I am and what I feel or hear. I want these feelings to connect with anyone who feels my words touch them. I hope to impact my fans in a positive, loving way. My goal is to make the world dance while inspiring others to never stop believing in themselves.

What's next for you?

I have many projects I will be releasing later in the year. I am looking forward to performing more this year as well as traveling. Currently, I am pursuing a career in education, studying to be a music teacher.