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Amor de Paris Gets Caught in a "Love Affair"

The Los Angeles-based electronic producer Amor de Paris sends us into a spacious abyss with his recent celestial single entitled "Love Affair."

Launching his artistic side project in 2019, Amor de Paris felt inspired to do so through retro horror film influences like Nightmare on Elm Street to artistic influences such as Depeche Mode, New Order, Boy Harsher, and Daft Punk. As countless opportunities came knocking at his door, Amor de Paris has now decided to take a break from creating music while releasing his past projects over the next year.

Doing so with his latest single, "Love Affair," Amor de Paris leads us down a hazy path through his retro-inspired synth arrangements and mid-tempo drum breaks. The track's transcendent and groovy sonics truly take listeners back a few decades while perfectly exemplifying the type of sounds that Amor de Paris passionately creates.

Hitting play on "Love Affair," the track opens with an 80s inspired mid-tempo drum arrangement alongside a pulsating sci-fi synth. As the sonics begin to expand, we're met with the addition of bright synth bursts and a melodic array of background pads that slowly make a broader and larger appearance as they slightly increase in sound.

This track is incredibly fluid, especially as the sonics continue their groovy venture with the addition of a low and groaning bassline that punches our speakers with a booming low end. Reaching the song's end, Amor de Paris shares a cinematic and mysterious vibe through his powerful and crisp retro house-inspired synth arrangements that leave us wanting to get back into our scorching nightclubs.

Get caught in a "Love Affair" with Amor de Paris' latest transcendent single, now available to bump on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Amor de Paris. We're deep in the retro and mysterious groove of your latest single, "Love Affair." When did you begin creating ideas and sounds for this track?

The idea started after listening to a couple of bands; to name a few, Boy Harsher, Kavinsky, Depeche Mode, Crystal Castles, and Actors. I had started with a sequenced synth and a lead synth, shortly later, I added the drums. At this time, I noticed the sample had potential and I just kept working on it here and there until I found the right melodies.

What did you want your listeners to feel and experience after listening to the six-minute single, "Love Affair?"

To tell you the truth, I never expected the song to be six-minute-long because in the process I wasn't concerned about time. I'm mostly focused on the feeling it gives; approaching it as theatrical as it could get, giving people an emotional rollercoaster.

What inspired the song title for "Love Affair?" How does the song title compliment the vibe of the sonics?

The song title came from the idea of this song to take you through this emotional journey and at the time what had popped in my head to best describe it was a love affair.

Seeing that you're taking a break from creating music as you continue to release past projects, would you like to mention any forthcoming tracks or projects we should anticipate?

I'm actually going to continue to work on Amor de Paris but also looking to start up old and new projects that are involved in different genres such as Beach Cities (Indie Project), Ravenous Wolves (Progressive Ambient Rock), and a couple of electronic/indie projects that are developing including DJs/bands such as Linusdayz, Warsaw Pact, D’auria, and Jose Faundez from The Voxes.


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