Ana Pac Says Live Life Authentically & “Bite the Rainbow”

Montreal-born singer-songwriter, dancer, and performer Ana Pac encourages us to embrace diversity and "Bite The Rainbow" with her latest feel-good single.

A triple threat, Ana Pac has appeared as a dancer in films like Netflix's Work It, produced by Alicia Keys, and Feel the Beat starring Sofia Carson. Also a speed skater and proudly open member of the LGBTQ+ community, Ana Pac focuses her music career on songs about positivity and acceptance.

Pac is dedicated to her mission of letting people embrace who they are with love and joy, the core message of her latest single, "Bite The Rainbow." Here, we see Pac groove to the lively pop instrumentals while empowering listeners with lyrics about shattering the boxes societal norms put us in.

"Let our similarities and differences build better hearts and minds. Let Love Rule," says Ana Pac.

The new head-bopper opens with a crispy percussion beat that leaps into a groovy electric guitar melody and Ana Pac's exciting vocal performance. She wastes no time getting to the point of the song, reminding us that we're all born naked, so why not embrace our differences?

The pop sonics are quite nostalgic, reminiscent of Ke$ha's undeniable reign in the 2010s. Ana Pac brings her own unique style to the song that's equally as spunky as it is inspirational, helping us take something away while getting down with the vibrant atmosphere she happily sets. Pac passionately lifts us to outro while encouraging us to celebrate our authentic lives and set our colors free.

What are you waiting for? Sip, lick, and "Bite The Rainbow" with Ana Pac's exciting new single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Ana Pac. What an exciting listening experience you've provided with your latest single, "Bite The Rainbow." What inspired you to write such a passionate song about embracing diversity and letting your true colors shine?

Everyone is full of so much potential, ideas, and beautiful things that can be brought into this world, but when you put limits on someone, it restricts who that person can become and, as a result, where this world can go. So when we ignore the boxes that societal norms try to put us in, all of a sudden, we open endless possibilities. So be proud of being yourself and also take the time to figure out who your true authentic self is.

Did any artists or projects influence the sound of "Bite The Rainbow?" What vibe did you want the song to offer?

I absolutely love Justin Bieber, so his influence, whether major or minor, I would say is always present in my music. I'm also a fan of BTS, and I love their sound. I'm also a dancer, so making sure it hits on a dance level as well is really important to me.

Did you work alongside any producers or songwriters when creating "Bite The Rainbow?"What was that process like behind the scenes?

I got to work with two very talented lyricists, Michaela May and Erica Schiopu (known as Favvks), who really understood the message that I wanted to say and who vibed really well with me. Our first writing session was good, but musically, the sound and feel I wanted to convey weren't there. So my label and I parked the song until we found the right team to bring it to life. A couple of months later, my label found Nate (known as M.E.), my producer. We reworked the song together; he took the idea that I had in my head, and not only did he bring it to life, but he also turned it into a dance party. I'm very proud of the final song and super thankful that it resonates with so many people around the world.

Do you usually create such inspirational and feel-good songs like "Bite The Rainbow?" Why are these motivational songs so important to you?

Yes! I went through a time when I needed positivity, and in my journey, I was told that "When you change the way you see things, the things you see change" So I started seeing and finding the good in all situations and my life was changed forever. I want to help everyone stay positive and create a world that they want to be a part of.

What can listeners anticipate hearing next?

More uplifting, dance-filled, positive songs - that spread messages of kindness, joy, and appreciation for one another. So stay tuned! In the meantime, thanks for all your support and for sharing my music. It means the world to me.