Anna Luena Insists, "Don't Worry"

Los Angeles-based musician Anna Luena is here to share her latest single release, "Don't Worry," with all pop-inspired listeners.

Already performing at venues such as The Whiskey A Go-Go, Saint Rocke Cafe, The Mint, and Planet Hollywood, Anna Luena has gained a passionate following that appreciates the qualities of her eccentrically-styled music. It is no secret that Anna Luena is playful in her approach, and "Don't Worry" portrays this characteristic incredibly well.

"Don't Worry" gives Anna Luena the time to shine, and does she ever shine bright. The track begins with a flavourful R&B rhythm that soon is filled with the original vocal sound of Anna Luena. She has a very particular voice that allows her to be as distinguishable as she is, and the moment your ears are flooded with an Anna Luena song, the connection is made, as her style is playful and manipulated in various ways, allowing a motley of harmonies to assimilate themselves.

One element to Anna Luena that is hard to miss within "Don't Worry" is her layered strategy. There isn't one tone held throughout the track, there are handfuls. This approach allowed for "Don't Worry" to take on an eclectic atmosphere, and also brought in a variety of genre techniques in the process that really elevated the song in many purposeful ways.

The song is accompanied by a music video that features psychedelic-like visuals, which work to amplify the already-present eccentrics of "Don't Worry." Viewers get to watch Anna Luena in many settings, one of which may bring on an unexpected surprise. All in all, "Don't Worry" was a blithely executed single of Anna Luena's, leaving listeners and viewers with curiosity as to what this pop-inspired R&B artist will come out with next.

"Don't Worry" and its music video is available on streaming platforms today.