Anne Stott’s New Hit “Jump Go” Will Have You Begging for More

Anne Stott has truly blown us away with her unique voice and skills as a songwriter. The singer-songwriter “from everywhere and nowhere” not only excels in music but has worked as an actor in many plays and short films. She has even produced and directed her own documentary which starred Scream Along with Billy, a punk duo. With her clear determination and talent, it seems there is no end to what this artist will accomplish! Anne Stott has previously released two albums with varying musical styles, which presents listeners with something to love no matter the genre. Her previous album “Love Never Dies” was released in 2015 and was met with much adoration. That album went on to be played on radio stations across the country, so there’s no telling what this next chapter will bring for her!

Anne Stott’s latest release, “Jump Go” highlights her creative abilities as a lyricist and allows the listener to appreciate the depths of a true songwriter. The song has a classic indie rock feel to it and fits perfectly with the edgy and powerful tone of Anne Stott’s voice. It features heavy guitar and short, repeated phrases such as "hold on" and "something in you" that makes the song catchy! I especially enjoyed the layers of complexity that were added to the song by the dynamic changes. Anne Stott has a personality that shines through her music, and "Jump Go" will catch the attention of anyone looking for a meaningful yet catchy song. This is one you’ll be humming along to for the rest of your day. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for Anne Stott's next album, and the originality she’ll bring to her music!

Listen to "Jump Go" here.