"Another Night" Dancin' and Chillin' To Kruel Summer

"Another Night" is Kruel Summer’s newest release, featuring exciting vocals and a damn sexy beat. It will be hard not to sway and jump around while singing this song out loud at the beach.

A developing rock alternative reggae rock group from San Jose, California, is called Kruel Summer. Clev Stiles (formerly of The Holdup), Ben Dimmit, Shane Billings, and Chris Reed make up the band Kruel Summer. With its unrivaled sound and style, the eclectic band is poised to create waves in the scene.

Kruel Summer has a vintage California feel that will attract listeners. It was inspired by good times and summertime vibes. By fusing distinctive components from many genres, Kruel Summer seeks to push the boundaries of music.

Their eclectic sound combines hip-hop, rock, indie rock, pop, and reggae. The California natives' upbeat sound, impulsive flair, and contagious lyricism will draw listeners into the universe they create with each new album they produce.

"Another Night" starts off with a sexy bass line and powerful lyrics that transition into a slow-paced and sensual beat that invites the listener to dance and sing along. This song is bound to be a hit, the musical prowess of Kruel Summer is undoubtedly there; let’s just hope this song makes its way out there and shocks the world.

Prepare to chill for ‘’Another Night’’; this song is a great excuse to fool around under the summer sun and have the time of your life. The lyrics are potent and carry weight, so let the good times roll and let go.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Kruel Summer. It's a pleasure to have you back. Jumping straight in, where does the energy come from? "Another Night" is infectious.

"Another Night" is, in my opinion, one of our, if not the best, songs we have. The energy comes from that feeling you get in early June when you know the summer is right around the corner. For me, the summer is always something I look forward to. I wrote "Another Night" during the early days of summer, so it naturally had that happy, upbeat vibe from the mood I was in. The excitement of enjoying the sun, going to the beach, hanging with the band, and doing shows just came out in this song. It was intended to be a feel-good summer vibe. I think our best songs come out when they are written during those early days of summer, that excitement for summer fun.

What beach do you think of when you listen to "Another Night?"

It actually reminds me of a few different beaches. Rio Del Mar Beach and Seacliff in Aptos are my two favorite spots. It's where we go when we want a low-key, chill beach day. For more action and activity, the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is always fun; I've been going there since I was 5 or 6 years old. It's that classic boardwalk beach you see in the movies. You actually have seen it in movies like Lost Boys, Us, and more. I got in a lot of trouble there as a teenager at the boardwalk. Dope spot!

We daydream of a California sunset with a live band after a day of surfing when we hear your work. Where do you see yourselves as a group in the next two years?

Touring nationally, playing music festivals, and opening shows for artists that inspire us. It would be ideal to be able to hop on a tour with bands like The Dirty Heads, Pepper, Slightly Stoopid, or Stick Figure. Those are some of the artists that have really inspired us throughout the years. Our energy, paired with these artists, would make for a killer show.

What message do you want people to take away from "Another Night?"

“Another Night” is for anyone dealing with stress and anxiety who needs an instant mood boost. An attempt to overturn any negative feelings of worry and stress to bring energy and happiness. An uplifting, feel-good summer song; I dare you to play this song and not instantly feel a mood boost.

What's next for you?

We are working on some videos to get some visuals out. It's been a while since we had a video, so we are working on a couple to get those out. We will be continuing to work on this album and continue dropping singles over the next few months. More shows are being added weekly, so follow us on our socials to stay up to date. We can't wait to party with you all at the next show!