Anthems for the Abandoned Breaks Ground In A New Single, “Disallowed”

Climbing the charts is the powerful and riveting hard rock/metal band Anthems for the Abandoned with their latest gut-wrenching and thrilling single, "Disallowed."

Influenced by acts like Type O Negative, Linkin Park, and Sevendust, Anthems for the Abandoned provide listeners with an energetic and impactful listening experience packed with hard-hitting soundscapes, heavy riffs, and fiery performances. The band has already amassed a whopping 17k followers on TikTok and isn't showing signs of slowing down.

Their lyrical content tells stories of tragedy and pain while providing hope for the hopeless. And this is especially prevalent in their latest heavy-hearted and gripping single, "Disallowed." It's a song that connects with listeners through heartfelt hardships while helping them overcome their challenges with conceptual lyricism and bone-chilling instrumentals.

Diving deeper into their new single, "Disallowed," featuring artist Ryan Birkbeck, the song darkly opens with a hazy and grim atmosphere through haunting instrumentals that gradually shift into chilling rock sounds. Anthems for the Abandoned's instrumental power is palpable; they carry so much angst, grit, and emotion in their instrumentals, bound to make any listener lock themselves in for the wild ride.

This song is packed with anticipation, especially as the lead vocalist's crooning and aching vocals unleash all the pain and confusion that comes with unrequited love and feeling like you're not enough for someone else. It's quite a powerful and emotional listening experience; Anthems for the Abandoned have no problem conveying the emotions and troubles of their peers but in the utmost conceptual, striking, and hard-hitting way.

When hope isn't in sight, and the path to clarity is dim, find your inner power and resilience with Anthems for the Abandoned's new single, "Disallowed," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Anthems for the Abandoned. We're so impressed with the heavy emotion and power within your new single, "Disallowed." What inspired your group to create this emotionally-rich and hard-hitting track?

The inspiration for the track, I suppose, would be the loss of self that stems from overconsumption. Also, the realization that you can’t live without the things you’re trying to escape

What was your goal in terms of the listener's experience with "Disallowed?" What did you want the song to provide listeners with?

We want our listeners to hopefully create a personal connection to the lyrics and apply them to their own situations. Maybe we can help someone through a rough time.

Did your group face any challenging or difficult moments when creating "Disallowed?" How did you overcome those issues to bring this song to life?

Challenging moments, not many we have a great team at Drowning fish studio. Very professional.

How do songs like "Disallowed" help new listeners get to know your band better? How do songs like this represent your group and the music you create?

It shows (I hope) a well-rounded song that can be thought of in a few different ways. And it represents us because we will always strive to create songs that everyone can connect with. We love what we are doing and will continue to try and inspire.