Artist Highlight: Fall in Love With Matt Kelly's Otherworldly Guitar and Charismatic Vocals

Toronto-based artist Matt Kelly brings striking and eye-catching to a whole new level with his saturated stories and warm, sultry vocals. His upbeat, pop melodies and heartfelt riffs hold an aura of mystery that keeps you hanging on to every word.

With rousing singles such as his latest release “Wait,” Matt Kelly brings his unique energy and doesn’t stop until the final note has played.

With influences such as John Mayer and Alec Benjamin, Matt Kelly brings his music to life with his thrilling vocals and unmistakable harmonies. He is able to project his ideas into his songs through a delicate process of streaming his consciousness alongside gushing melodies and exhilarating guitar.

Matt Kelly follows the flow of emotions to wherever his story takes him, and his free energy has attracted increasing amounts of listeners since he made his debut in 2018.

With his recognized hard work and increased determination to release meaningful music representing his soul, Matt Kelly is here for the long haul and plans to bring even more thunder to 2021.

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