Artist Spotlight: Angela Empowers Us To “Fly Away” From the Things We Don't Want

Making a name for herself from Salt Lake City to Nashville, Angela Wright is defining herself as a clean-cut Pop Artist.

Raised on Classic Rock,  Angela Wright's musical interests have since expanded to a diverse span of genres far across the board. After her time at Berklee College Wright made her way to venture south and make a name for herself in the Nashville music scene. 

Her latest release “Fly Away” is an anthemic and uplifting breakup track that everyone can relate to. This tune has a foundation of groovy electric guitar and upbeat poppy synths that shimmers through the production.

This release showcases her empowering lyrical message with lines such as "Figured out that I don't need you, you're the weight that held me down."

In a recent interview with BuzzMusic Wright explains that this “song was written to realize you are free to be whoever you want, with whoever you want, wherever you want.”

Wright has continued to look for inspiration in 2020  and will be releasing a constant flow of singles and music videos as we enter a new year.

Learn more about Angela here.