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Artist Spotlight: Blake Collins Adds Modern Flares of '60s Rock Music to Create His Own Work of Art

With an aesthetic comparable to The Beatles, Blake Collins is making waves in the melancholic world of Indie-Rock. Staying true to the unmistakable 60's British impression, the rising Singer and Songwriter is a contemporary artist whose music is sure to induce strong nostalgia feelings. With high importance pleased with vibrant instrumentals, Blake Collins is known for his twangy guitars with a rock and roll style percussion rhythm.

Collins' melodies are the 'sing-along on the first listen' type of hook that we know and love from the past while incorporating his own new-age flavors. Always inspired to develop as an artist, Blake Collins spends his time creating art in many forms. In addition to songwriting, he cultivates his creativity by writing stories and poetry and designing visual art. Recently expanding his talents into producing videos, Blake Collins is always open to nurturing his skills to become the best artist he can be.

Learn more about the music of Blake Collins here.


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