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Artist Spotlight: cjvd is a Trap-Soul Connoisseur

Is there something in the water in Toronto, Ontario? cjvd is yet another example of the innovative artistic talent that is born from this lakefront Canadian city. He combines his natural skills of Hip-Hop with soulful energy to create his signature sound of Trap-Soul. cjvd first launched his career in September 2019 with his debut single “Never Satisfied,” which was a bright spark at the beginning of his success. Influenced by the likes of Chris Brown, Drake, Tatyana, and Bryson Tiller, cjvd utilizes the romanticized Hip-Hop style within his trap songs.

With flavors of R&B and hip-hop, he creates a dance-inspiring sound with tropical vibes and thumping beats. As a songwriter cjvd aims for an organic flow by allowing the music to come to him naturally, rather than forcing the lyrics or sound. Refusing to box himself into one specific sound, cjvd has announced his experimentation with new genres for his upcoming releases.

Discover more about cjvd here.


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