Artist Spotlight: Determination and Dedication Makes Rediisin One to Watch

Rediisin is a Toronto-based New Wave/Alternative Singer/Songwriter, Drummer, and Session Musician. He got his start performing in the Vietnamese community and shortly after ventured into sound mixing, promoting drum teaching, and managing/playing in his former group Low Kites.

Rediisin's latest single showcases his competitive spirit. "Sucks @ Sports" is an upbeat Synth-Pop track that allows his New Wave influence to shine through the retro production. His lyrics take the listener on a journey of his inner thoughts about feeling trapped in his own mind and continue to ponder why this defeat is taking a toll on him. This track is a relatable anthem for teens everywhere who struggle with defeat in their own lives. 

Rediisin has been working towards his dream of being a songwriter for years. During the 2020 lockdown, he was given the chance to start actively pursuing his journey as an artist. He used his time to focus on his skills as both a songwriter and producer.

Determined to spend the rest of his life making music, Rediisin is ready to make the most of all opportunities that come his way. Rediisin is on the rise. Keep a close eye out for his next creative project.

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