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Artist Spotlight: "Fall For You," Has Us Swooning Over Derek Skelton

Offering up the laid back soundscapes in the realm of Country music, Derek Skelton showcases his vulnerability on a spectrum for all those Country music fans to see.

Hailing from Weaver, Alabama, Derek Skelton unleashes a warm and tender side in his starry-eyed melody, “Fall For You.”

As a singer and songwriter, Derek Skelton captivates his listeners through the Country quintessence that he has been perfecting over time with a little tender love and care. Radiating an ambiance of wistful emotion, the raw passion that he exudes in his story falling for someone and wishing he was in their point of view, have you swooning over the delicate reverberations vocalized.

Through the mid-tempo instrumentation pulsating through your speakers, we are in the depths of Derek Skelton’s warmth as he emanates composure and earnest atmospheres. Mesmerizing us through one alluring note at a time, “Fall For You” has us floating up on cloud nine.

Discover more about Derek Skelton here.

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