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Artist Spotlight: L.A. Producer Jason Faust Shares his Worldly Music Style

Jason Faust is an L.A. Based producer who hopes to elevate his listeners’ souls to a place of great joy. With the knowledge of how competitive the music industry is, Jason knows that his perseverance is essential in achieving his goals. He uses his platform to spread feelings of youth, relaxation, and elation through his expressive soundscapes. One of Jason Faust's most favorable qualities as an artist is his willingness to collaborate with other musicians for his songs. He has recently collaborated with the likes of electronic producer Wyldephyre, pop intoner Chanti, and Hip-Hop rapper Ashton Martin.

Jason takes advantage of the unique cultures and music flavors of collaborators by meshing them into one dance-inducing track. He has been known to draw inspiration from the diverse musical styles of the Caribbean, Saint Maarten, Deutschland, and America. With his soundscapes jam-packed with a vintage flair, Jason Faust always leaves his fans wanting more.

Check out our recent interview with Jason Faust here.



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