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AyeJay Freez Needs That “Applejuice” Everyday

Born Arbie Glover IV, American recording artist, engineer, songwriter AyeJay Freez was always told that he had a gift. As a senior in highschool AyeJay realized that it was time to put his personality and personal experiences into a new outlet, hip-hop music. After gaining some buzz locally AyeJay would continue to grow his team and garner further notoriety for his versatility as an artist. AyeJay has proven not only to be a talented solo artist but just as talented of a leader, engineer, and performer.

“Applejuice” is a killer new jam from AyeJay Freez! This track features chill lofi vibes fused with expert poetry throughout. AyeJay Freez weaves his listeners through his love and desire. No matter what he spits, AyeJay Freez still got has undeniable talent. “Applejuice” is a track that allows listeners to have a deeper look inside AyeJay Freez’ thoughts and become more self-aware of their own outlook on love. AyeJay Freez is known for his intense authenticity and “Applejuice” paints a clear picture of that. Keeping up his constant theme of self-awareness and realism, AyeJay Freez knows knows what the fans want to hear. His rhymes are finely-calibrated, his emotive verses spark reactions from his fans and his alluring instrumentals keep us craving more. Stay on the lookout for AyeJay Freez!

Check out “Applejuice” here and read more with AyeJay Freez below! 

Hey AyeJay! Welcome to BuzzMusic! How did you get started in music? How old were you?

Whats the word, BuzzMusic!!  Thank you for having me, it means a lot. Oh man, when I was 14 my friend and I had gotten our hands on some Dj equipment and an old mixer and mic his dad had used in a band. Weee WENT TO WORK haha. My family has a pretty deep musical background so I was always involved in some type of music, I had my old church choir and school band days, the house party performances and all that haha.

What do you do to feed your passion for music daily?

I create. Whether it's playing around with a melody or listening through beats, I try and keep my mind as free of extra stuff as possible. On average I probably write or freestyle 10 or 12 choruses a day, they may not all get used but it keeps me on all 10 ya know, keeps me fired up.

What does Applejuice” mean to you? How do you want your listeners to feel when they hear it?

Applejuice, Applejuice, Applejuice, aside from it being my favorite drink? Jokes aside though, I really had an experience in which the events that transpired the night before led up to me acquiring a bottle of all natural 100% apple juice. It was a pretty lit night so I had to go create the next morning. If you can nod your head or catch the melody then I feel like it’s mission accomplished ya know, it kinda creeps up on you and next thing you know it’s a bop. Feel good, Vibe, drink apple juice instead of OJ and have good sex.

How does this track “Applejuice” compare to one of your earliest tracks? How have you improved/evolved as an artist?

My approach to the record was way left field compared to the wave I was on when I first started. I was more of a hiphop type of person back then, but now I really just create what I feel. I’d say the biggest factor to me improving was getting to work with an engineer/producer every time  I’m in the studio. I used to do all the engineering as far as recording, mixing and mastering and it took more energy and focus then I was able or willing to give it, after I started working with Hunt I was able to really focus on what I felt was necessary for me to evolve as an artist. That’s when the karma series and all that started. The people that have been rockin with me think I’m moving in the right direction and that has the most impact when it comes to my evolution as an artist.

If you could collaborate with any artist, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?

Right now, I’d really like to collaborate on something with Ty Dolla $ign. Bro’s always up to something that’s gonna be a bop haha. Whatever vibe we come up with is going to be insane! haha. But seriously though bro’s creativity level as far as Melody’s, beat selection and versatility are mad lit. I really want to work with 6lack too bro’s vibe seems genuine and his bars always hit. 


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